CES 2018 highlight: Keep track of your health at home

CES 2018 highlight: Keep track of your health at home
Sometimes people take good care of every detail in their lives but forget the most important thing, their health. That is why in-home healthcare or healthtests are getting popular. Instead of going to a hospital or clinic, people are now able to get more reliable details of their personal pulse, sleep, blood glucose, and more data with in-home devices, and keep notified all the time. Data sharing with doctors or care takers as a reference are also common for these smart healthcare devices.

SleepScore Max Sleep improve system

SleepScore Max is powered by SleepScore Labs by ResMed technology, providing contactless sleep tracking that can first monitor users’ sleep without disturbing dreams, then provide customized sleep improvement suggestions for a better and deeper sleep.

SleepScore Max asks users questions like how much caffeine and alcohol they take during day time, and start tracking while users are sleeping. It uses bio-motion sensor technology that measures respiration and body movements in each sleep stage. Later users get a score of their sleep with analysis including sleep duration, wake up times, light levels around you, and more. The measurements inform users with meaningful quality scores, personalized insights, and actionable advice for improving sleeping environment and quality. Further, users can set sleep goals in app and track day by day for the progress.

iHealth Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System

The glucose monitoring system from iHelath tells user the consequence of blood testing in just five seconds! Simply download the app, connect testing device with Bluetooth, and it is ready to test. The app in this case, becomes users’ personal digital logbook that presents blood testing data in simple charts, numbers and graphics. By adding in meals, activities and treatments of the day, users will get a more detailed record and monitoring of their glucose progress, or get push notifications to remind of taking glucose readings, medication, or insulin.

Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System is FDA approved and CE certified. When needed, the blood testing data is shareable with doctors for a better evaluation.

H2 CARE blood pressure monitoring band

H2 is the wearable blood pressure monitor that systematically manages users’ blood pressure and synchronizes the data via Bluetooth to the app dashboard. To make the record accurate, users can manually input daily intake food types, weight, smoking, drinking, etc, into the app and keep track of the nutrition facts.

With the database, H2 offers advice of food menu and activities based on analyzed blood pressure and the other recorded personal data. It also provides daily news and information about hypertention. Moreover, in-app alarm settings are available for users to be reminded of medication and hospital reservations.

Backpack health portable records

Backpack health is a healthcare system with care, health data, and communication that aims to assist users with a thorough health status overview all the time, regardless of their location. Users can create target communities of specific patient types and their families, and customize the healthcare profile of their own. For example, add important health details such as medication, symptoms and vaccination into personal profile with documents copies, and share with family members, doctors, or alternative care provider while needed, at home or on the way. Up to 50 GB memory is available for all sorts of media records, including medical data, video records, X-Ray images and analysis.

Medical Guardian Family Guardian Solution

Combining the benefits of medical alert systems with activity monitoring, Family Guardian enables family, friends, and caregivers to stay updated on a loved one’s health and activity levels throughout the day. The solution includes a base station, UL bracket, medical alert help button, activity sensors, door contact sensor, and the compatible app.

The water-resistant medical alert help button connects 24/7 with the care operating team that can handle emergency situations at home and provide immediate help. With the two-way speaker on the base station, users can also ask health questions or emergency requests with their care taker.

Ellume•Lab symptom tester

Ellume•Lab is a health technology that connects real-time diagnostics for doctors and users. Its detection and diagnostics includes common conditions such as Group A Streptococcus, influenza, strep throat, and chlamydia. With immunoassay nano-reader, Ellume•Lab tests use next generation fluorescent detection to create high-performance diagnostics in only seven minutes, allowing the heath professionals to diagnose, test and treat in a single consultation at home, and serve as a reference for doctors. With two independent testing ports, users can run two separate health tests simultaneously.

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