IFA 2017 product preview: Seven smart lighting products to brighten your lifestyle

IFA 2017 product preview: Seven smart lighting products to brighten your lifestyle
With a convenient connected home, lightbulbs can have functions more than just light up, and light controls can be right in your hand, or combined easily with other controllers. IFA2017, held on September 1-6 in Berlin, presents the latest innovations and a comprehensive overview of the international market. It attracts trade visitors from over 100 countries. SMAhome has selected the highlighted products at IFA2017 that not just brighten your home but provide a smarter lifestyle.

Leedarson Speaker Lighting A21

Speaker Lighting A21 has built-in speaker with 36mm diameter. It creates ambiance for daily situations, such as reading, entertainment, etc. Speaker Lighting A21 is easy to install, plug and play, and requires no wires and power adapters. Users can remotely turn on and down the audio or dim the light via the mobile app. The lamp supports Android and iOS mobile operating system and uses Bluetooth protocol.

Sengled Boost

Boost is an energy efficient LED lightbulb with a Wi-Fi repeater built inside, so it can eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and extend Wi-Fi up to 100 feet by repeating Wi-Fi signal and amplifying it. It fits in any standard light socket and will securely extend home network as needed. Boost’s integrated heat-sink allows air to flow through bulb to keep itself cool.

Manta DLB002 Smart LED Bulb with BT Speaker

DLB002 combines LED lightbulb and Bluetooth speaker. It is mounted to a standard lightbulb socket, and when connected to Bluetooth, it is possible to control the color of the bulb via smartphones, or play music as well as obtaining the effects disco. DLB002 works with iPhone4S and later versions of the operating system iOS 7.0 and later, and Android devices from the system 2.3.3.

Schellenberg Wireless Light Module

With the Wireless Light Module, the ceiling lights can be comfortably controlled with a smartphone, tablet or a Schellenberg wireless sender. The operation of the Wireless Light Module can be carried out with a wireless sender. Through the connection of the module with the Schellenberg Smart Home system, lighting and various functions can be programmed to suit users’ daily use. It is ideal for most lights with a maximum connection load of 600 Watts.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Extension Bulbs

Users can choose from 16 million colors in the Hue app to match the light to their mood, or select a favorite photo and relive the special moment with splashes of light. While unneeded, users can save their favorite light settings and recall them whenever they want with the tap of a finger. Also, by downloading third party apps that are compatible with Hue, TV viewing, music playing and gaming experience can be upgraded. The bulbs can be voice controlled via Apple HomeKit.

Trust Starter Set Z1 ZigBee Bridge

The Starter Set Z1 ZigBee Bridge contains two RGB lightbulbs and a Z1 Zigbee bridge ZRGB2-Z1R. Users can switch and control dimming easily using smartphone/tablet and set lighting scenes or timers at home. It secures and monitors home with sensors and sends push notifications on smartphones. The lightbulbs can fit in any standard E27 light socket, and has a light intensity of 800 lumen and bulb lifetime of 20000 hours. The starter set can be used with Trust Smart Home and other ZigBee certified devices.

Terraillon Homni

Homni helps user to control sleeping environment. The compatible app uses the data from the various Homni sensors and the Dot sleep sensor to provide a complete dashboard presentation of user’s sleep data, including bedroom environment and sleep analysis like sleep durations, sleep cycles as well as body movement. Users can create personal sleeping environment with the integrated Bluetooth speakers and selected lighting effect. The light diffused by Homni adjusts to suit each phase of sleep: red hues at bedtime which do not disrupt the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin, and blue shades in the morning for a gentle transition into the day. Users can also choose to fall asleep or wake up with one of the 18 sound environments included in Homni.

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