SMAhome Award 2016 finalist: SecuFirst by HomeON’s Smart Home Connect offers hands-on experience and ease of use

SMAhome Award 2016 finalist: SecuFirst by HomeON’s Smart Home Connect offers hands-on experience and ease of use
Home automation doesn't always have to equate to high expense, Vincent Chan explained, founder of SecuFirst by HomeON International, stressing that users can still enjoy the comfort living of a connected home space at a fraction of the cost.
“Simply Security! No Almighty!” Chan affirmed, claiming that the company can provide solutions that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, are easy to use, and offer the same hands-on experience as any other lavish setup.
It can be said that in the past, automating a home was costly. Systems by companies like Crestron and Control4, both of which are pioneers in the field and synonymous with luxury automation, could do almost anything you could imagine. However, these systems were hard to reach for the vast majority, as they relied on proprietary and expensive hardware.
But in recent years, with DIY smart home becoming ever more prevalent, many of the things that previously could only be done by a trained professional with proprietary hardware and software are now totally DIY with just a few clicks.
“The SecuFirst Smart Home Connect makes it simple and convenient with an incredibly fast connection speed and high-definition clarity. And all of this functionality can be easily setup on any smartphones/tablets at your fingertips,” he said.
Besides adopting Wi-Fi for HD cameras, the company's security sensors utilize RF Sub-1GHz (868Mhz/916Mhz) to deliver the best transmission distance (150 meters Line Of Sight), offering much less signal interference and less power consumption.
“Not only can our smart plugs operate power switches, but can work with RF signal repeaters/extenders simultaneously, thus making this system ideal for apartments, bungalows, and two-acre estates.”
Commenting on the benefits of P2P service over other Cloud-based solutions, Chan explained to SMAhome that their service does not require monthly fees, and that privacy issues are not a concern because the recorded data and triggered events are stored locally.
“We believe that the vast majority of adopters would be happier if they needn't contemplate with what protocols to adopt in their home,” he said.
Moreover, the entire system is as easy to setup via its free “In-app download” software, which is used to configure and set scenarios according to personalized preference. The pairing of sensors or IP cameras can also be done through the app, simply by clicking on the devices you would like to pair, Chan explained.
When asked whether SecuFirst by HomeON plans to further unveil more camera-centric solutions in its smart home lineup, the company founder however reiterated that while they primarily focus on alarm-centric solutions for developed markets in Western Europe and the U.S., HomeON plans to launch additional services based on IP cameras in Q3 this year to target several specified markets.
“Although our domain know-how is in RF and alarm solutions, we will still answer to calls that lean more toward a camera-centric setup,” Chan said.
SecuFirst by HomeON, finalist to year's SMAhome Award, will be presenting their connected home solutions at the SMAhome Award Center (#8307) during the SMAhome International Exhibition and Conference in Taipei.

Product details

Protocol complied: Wi-Fi and RF Sub-1G
Launched in Year 2014
Designed for DIY
Minimum order quantity: 101~500 unit
Ready for shipment right away
SecuFirst Smart Home Connect SK-01 is showcased at SMAhome International Conference and Exhibition 2016
Date: April 19-21, 2016
Booth: 8216
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taiwan

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