Light + Building 2018: Improving & upgrading energy efficiency at home

Light + Building 2018: Improving & upgrading energy efficiency at home
Say goodbye to standalone solutions and set on a system-wide concept for all of your home connected devices. In modern IoT era, devices are able to interact with gateways, other devices around, as well as the human, and uplift the living style to realize smart home control and automation. In the following home and building solutions at Light + Building 2018, central devices are either able to learn from user behavior, interact with sensors and meters, or collect real-time data to assist automating home settings. The solutions are aiming to enhance energy efficiency for smart home and building, and directly reduce cost for users.

Robotina HIQ Home & HIQ Universe

HIQ Home is designed to seamlessly fit in automation areas including home, building, office, hotel and assisted living homes. Applying artificial intelligence and multi-objective optimization, HIQ Home can save energy for user and helps benefiting from smart grid functionality. With combination of HIQ Universe cloud services and Cognitive Optimization System (COS), the system with machine-learning ability monitors energy and automatically rules the home settings to safe energy. Indoor climate control, security and lighting can also be integrated in.

Schüco VentoTherm

With continuous monitoring of the Schüco windows, the Schüco system can upgrades energy efficiency through real-time data and simultaneously maintain well-organized indoor ventilation, as well as electrically operated solar shading and anti-glare protection. With the building automation capability and Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart technology, as soon as the weather becomes unpleasant, the weather sensor closes all of the windows automatically. Even large, heavy sliding units can be opened and closed at the touch of a button.

Furthermore, Schüco VentoTherm offers an efficient system solution for decentralized ventilation for aluminum and PVC-U windows. Ventilation can be integrated into the window with heat recovery, which controls air exchange without opening the window. This ensures the optimization of energy consumption, room climate and air quality.

Comexio Smart Home System

Comexio Smart Home System provides comprehensive system-wide control for blinds, heating, lighting and more. Through the interaction of various functions such as temperature control, shading and lighting, user can gain a view of energy usage of home, and keep up the efficiency while remaining comfort. The center Comexio IO Server is KNX-based and interacts with both the sensors as well as users. Taking care of all the information, Comexio IO Server processes all command and information according to a logic circuit fixed by its user and puts different processes into motion.

In the app interface, Comexio Smart Home System visualizes all data and numbers from the meters of home, providing clear diagrams for home users’ review. A floorplan of home can also be imported into the app and make total control of home with a spatial view.

Aeonpower Green Powerlink Wi-Fi Power Solution

Green Powerlink Wi-Fi Power Solution provides a system approach to monitor, control and optimize home energy usage with a series of power sockets and plugs. The plugs actively collects real-time energy data around the home and transfers for cloud-based data aggregation and process. With the compatible smartphone app control, users can easily understand the proportion of its energy usage and behaviors to make efficient schedules and optimize control. Green Powerlink Wi-Fi Power Solution offers multiple models to fit in different socket types on the globe.

Ubisys Smart Home

With Ubisys smart home users will have the possibility to tap into extensive savings potentials whilst at the same time helping to preserve resources. The power switch S1 and S2 can reduce stand-by consumption of home devices and use our motion sensors to prevent unnecessary light from burning in empty rooms. Power metering is another important feature for saving cost. All Ubisys building automation components have a built in power consumption metering feature, able to measure the consumption of individual devices. The data will be shown on the touch display or on smartphone app. Complicated electrical parameters are shown as a customer relevant number: cost in Euro.

NETx MaRS Module

To efficiently control the energy consumption in modern building automation systems, analyzing the consumption values from smart meters is a key requirement. The NETx MaRS Module is an energy reporting tool, which helps users to monitor, analyze and process data from smart meters. In combination with the NETx BMS Server it was developed for central, building-wide collection and analysis of this data. The data can originate from any resource such as electricity, water, air or gas. Users will be able to compare consumption values or calculated cost based on their needs, and optimize the consumption plan for the whole building.

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