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10 Smart products tailor-made for residential communities

10 Smart products tailor-made for residential communities
FingerTec Smart Lock comes with 5 unlocking credential options depending on the models. The options are fingerprint, mechanical key, password, card or smartphone access through Bluetooth communication.

FingerTec Smart Lock

FingerTec Smart Lock comes with 5 unlocking credential options depending on the models. The options are fingerprint, mechanical key, password, card or smartphone access through Bluetooth communication. Users have the option to set 3 different user group types: Admin, Regular Users or Temporary Users to access homes and office areas.

In a residential apartment setting, the lock eases door unlocking and management of public facility booking. Only four AA alkaline batteries are required to operate over 6,000 accesses. Hence, approximately a year of use before the low-battery warning indication shows up.

Magnum Root

Root is an Android-based thermostat that has a seven” touchscreen, allowing users to stream music, audio books, replenish supplies through Amazon, connect to their Fitbit, stream live video, control door locks and even control a garage door and sprinkler system.

Root has multiple layers of connectivity potential, including EnOcean, ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth and Z-Wave, and an Ethernet jack for a direct connection to either an existing or planned infrastructure.

The immediate need recognized by Magnum for Root lies in multifamily residential buildings. Facility owners and managers can use root to communicate to an entire building or to individual residents.

Security alerts and emergency messaging can be audibly and visually presented on the thermostat’s dynamic display. Facilities staff can use root to remotely monitor and turn off utilities when units are not occupied. Furthermore, additional energy management devices like occupancy sensors, which can interface with root, require no batteries to operate.

Mircom TX3 InSuite Touch Gateway

The 10” touch panel provides safety & fire alarm, card access integration and two-way audio & video communication for a more secure building. In addition, the open architecture can talk to a number of third-party software solutions for lighting control, HVAC management, energy management and more.

The solution integrates physical and logical access control, home automation, internal building communication, emergency alerting and property management software.

With the 10” LCD touch screen, users can send and receive audio and video signals, browse the Internet, and run software applications more easily. It can bridge with various hardware modules and gateway to integrate a variety of wired and wireless devices.

Homeowners can use the video intercom to greet visitors and control access to the premises. Video answering machine is embedded to record visitor images and messages. There is CCTV camera integration to view live video feed. It supports various wireless protocols including Zigbee and Z-Wave.

Sfty Sense

The all-in-one security device is a smoke detector, burglar alarm, temperature sensor and humidity sensor.

The battery-powered device is connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet which is linked to a resident’s social network. When Sfty Sense detects something unusual, mobile alerts will be sent to the resident’s friends and families.

The smoke detector is always on. When smoke is detected, not only will residents’ closed ones be alerted, the alarm siren inside will also sound, until the smoke is cleared.

The Sense is installed with motion detector which works as a burglar alarm. A resident may turn it on or off through the Sfty app.

Users may set temperature and humidity thresholds for their home. They’ll be notified if the temperature or humidity goes beyond the set values. Air conditioning and heater may also be automated based on the indoor temperature.

The sfty Sense is powered by four lithium batteries and it comes with a remote control in case the sfty app is not accessible.

HomeScenario HBI-300 10.1’’ IP Intercom Indoor Station

The IP-enabled panel can be connected to a local network. The intercom is integrated with alarm, video surveillance, short messaging and smart home functions.

The device lets homeowners have video conversation with users at a video doorbell, indoor intercom station and other intercom stations in the same network. The intercom’s access control functionality allows homeowners to open doors and enable elevator access for visiting guests.

When connected to a control gateway, the intercom serves as a user interface for home automation, to control lights, thermostats, window shades, audio/video equipment, etc.

The intercom allows homeowners to monitor live feed from a video doorbell or IP camera. The alarm system supports 8 sensor zones, and the system may be armed or disarmed via smartphone, touch panel or video doorbell.

The wall-mounted design features aluminum frame and tempered glass front panel. There are multiple color selections to fit with various interior décor.

TimeTec Barrier – BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board

The board is designed as an intermediary between a user’s mobile app and a barrier gate controller in a parking lot. As a driver swipes his mobile phone at the gate, the board translates the command into digital pulse, which is sent to the barrier gate controller to open the gate.

Using Bluetooth communication, a driver can swipe his or her phone from a comfortable distance of maximum 10 meters from the relay board.

A system administrator in a residential community should create an individual account for all residents, who will have to install and sign in to the TimeTech Security app to view the list of barrier gates that they are permitted to access.

The Gate Control Relay Board is part of i-Neighbor’s smart community solution. It features low initial investment and low maintenance costs.

Amroad P5

The built-in I/O Controller is designed to cover basic communication and community functions. There are three Digital Input for applications like doorbells, help buttons and medical emergency alarm buttons and one Digital Output for applications such as stairs lights or elevator control.

Once connected to doors, gates and entrances, Amroad P5 can be programmed to open door through controlled locks. Before answering a call, Amroad P5 will display a live video feed of the caller. Call preview permits residents to decide if they want to ignore the caller completely.

Amroad P5 features two dedicated sections: Community Info and Community Plans.
Bulletin boards, community regulations and waste collection plans are available directly on the device.

Amaryllo ATOM AR4X

As the winner of the CES Best of Innovation Award winner under Smart City category, ATOM AR4X is the world’s first PoE powered robotic camera that offers fast facial and object recognition without the need of remote computers.

Thanks to the proprietary AI features, AR4 can distinguish between human and vehicles so you will only be alerted to the things that matters most. It is the first affordable outdoor artificial intelligence security camera designed to replace conventional CCTV with its ability to fast recognize objects to update property owners.

With IP66 weatherproof rating and multi camera expandable capability, AR4 captures vital details even in the darkest night and offers high quality and performance at affordable price. AR4 with Soteria won 2018 CES Best Innovation Award.

Merten TwinBus Video Flush-Mounted Intercom

TwinBus video flush-mounted intercoms let homeowners see who is at the door at a glance, without having to open the door. The intercom has good image and sound quality.

It provides voice and visual communication to the door station, and users can open the main door and/or door to the individual floors.

The slim design with 42 System M frame types to choose from meets all the design requirements. It has a wide range of functions to ensure optimal convenience and security.

The product is suitable for users looking for consistent design, from the plug socket right through to the building communications.

Commax Motion Detection Video Phone CDV-72UM

The security videophone provides security and access control by integrating with CCTV surveillance system including motion detection and various security functions. It will also record and store video and images.

All the functions can be operated through the touch icons on the screen. The device allows users to monitor camera live feed, open the door, and answering calls. 3-way call is supported.

The videophone product provides different functionalities for connecting the second door camera. At the time of booting, the built-in program checks the connectivity of the second door camera.

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