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2018 SMAhome Expo must-sees: Intuitive voice control for smart living

2018 SMAhome Expo must-sees: Intuitive voice control for smart living
Smart home control is often criticized to be complicated or unhandy, with piles of remote controls or plenty of apps in smartphone, consumers are definitely unpleasant with such interacting means with their connected devices. That’s why intuitive voice command gets popular ever after. From command keywords to natural expressions, users are building a closer connection with devices while making home environment personal and comfortable. The following voice controllable products are the selected must-sees at 2018 SMAhome Expo upcoming in Taipei.

Savant Pro Remote & Alexa for Savant

For superior home control, Savant Pro Remote is the only device you need in hand. With connection to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it works with various international brands like Sony, McIntosh, Apple, and a lot more. The comprehensive home experience comes in with Savant Pro Remote as it controls smart TV, audio streaming, climate and lighting, all with simple voice commands. Just speak to the centrally located Voice Command Button, and home settings will run exactly the way preferred.

Amazon fans can also function Savant System via Alexa voice service. Setup the home just the way you like it, including lights, music, video, shades, temperature, and more. Simply link a Savant Pro System running da Vinci 8.4 or higher version, and connect Savant Pro App to a personal account, then every home control is within words.

Ambi Climate 2nd Edition

Not only detecting the sunlight, time, temperature and humidity around for adjusting indoor comfort, the second edition of Ambi Climate intelligently applies AI to learn from users’ feedbacks. Users can simply report their feelings to Ambi Climate whether it’s too hot, cold or uncomfortable, and it automatically analyzes multiple factors in the environment to both enhance comfort and save energy.

Compatible with remote controlled ACs from over 50 international brands and 1000+ models, Ambi Climate 2nd Edition also has IFTTT and Amazon Alexa integration, making home control easy. The adjustable Personalized Comfort Profile ensures the device to know what you need and fits your every move.

Opro9 iU9 Apple HomeKit Smart Lightbulb Socket

Through Wi-Fi connection and Apple HomeKit integration, iU9 Smart Lightbulb Socket enables users to remote control home lightings through cloud, time schedules, or voices. No matter it’s a home party, romantic dinner date, or home cinema, or study time, the light with iU9 Smart Lightbulb Socket is able to dim to a desired color and ambience.

With the compatible smartphone app, users can not only preset personal schedules based on habits, but set up geo-location function to automate lightings according to the location service. iU9 Smart Lightbulb Socket supports E26/E27 input and output.

O+ Connect & E-BOX Master Control

To extend home experience to voice control, Oplus Design links Apple users with the smart home systems in an even-natural way. The O+ Connect is the home manager bridging home central systems E-BOX Master Control and Apple ecosystem. It enables remote control from anywhere on the world. Simply tell Siri to turn off light, view the latest footage of home camera from iPad, or adjust AC temperature before arriving home.

As for convenient home automation, E-BOX Master Control is an all-in-one web-based smart hosting system, which combines lamp power management and digital control in one box. It has a complete set of interfaces with functions include 8 sets of light circuits, 4 sets digital output for curtain, 8 digital input for scenario control and security trigger, RS232 projector control and RS485 AC/dimmer/curtain controls.

Silicon Labs EM341 ZigBee Voice Remote Control Evaluation Kit EM341-VREVK

EM341 ZigBee Voice Remote Control Evaluation Kit EM341-VREVK is designed for demonstration and software development. Based on the EM341 voice remote control, it provides for demonstration of the remote capabilities including RF, voice and legacy IR support. Full software development is supported through the ISA3 debug adapter and Ember Desktop.

EM341-VREVK uses a hardware codec, mic, and voice capability. However, the RF SoC EM341 also supports a software codec that can provide significant cost savings with no feature reductions. Example application is smart TV remote controls to realize a smart home.

Good Way Technology AI Speaker

With integrated security, access control, and office function, Good Way Technology’s AI Speaker is a voice controllable smart intercom panel which transmits voice commands to other connected devices for automation, plays music, and provides information such as weather, stock market, and calendar. When inserted with the Z-Wave USB Dongle, the AI Speaker helps users to easily control and manage connected devices. In “Meeting Mode” in smart office, the curtain, lighting and projector are all grouped together, making one single command efficient and easier. Backed by the unique speech recognition technology, AI Speaker achieves 95% voice recognition accuracy when the speaker is within 8 meters.

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