Google redesigns the Assistant app and adds monetization models

Google redesigns the Assistant app and adds monetization models
Google has made some updates to its voice assistant, including re-designed mobile user interface, capability for digital good purchase and the Sing-In feature.

While the previous version of the Google Assistant app is filled with conversation bubbles, the new app has offered some visual interaction, especially for smart home device control. For instance, when the user asks the assistant to dim the light via the app, the screen will show a slider to dim the light as well as a button to turn the light on and off; when the user asks about the weather, the assistant will show visual weather information and forecast under the conversation bubble.
It is similar to Google’s Smart Display feature on smart speakers with a touchscreen, giving users further control options and detailed information regarding voice queries.
The experience, which Google calls as “rich responses,” is also open to third-party developers. A set of pre-made visual components and GIF files are offered to extend the developers’ Google Assistant actions (voice applications).

Monetization from Google Assistant

In addition, developers can now enable digital goods purchase via voice applications; for example, one-time purchase in a game or subscriptions for a service.
Google used to allow developers to sell only physical goods via the Assistant. The new feature came after Amazon had made monetization models, such as subscriptions, available for Alexa skill developers.
And since users will need to sign in to other accounts for certain service subscriptions, Google has further launched a new service called Sign-In, which lets users log in and link their accounts inside the Google Assistant app.
According to Google, Sign-In enables users to create a new account with just a tap or confirmation through voice, or to link to their existing accounts using the Google email address. Users have been required to type in their username or password for other services. The new feature will save users the effort to link to external accounts and pay for subscriptions inside the Assistant app.
The new Google Assistant app is now available on iOS and Android systems.


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