CES 2018 highlight: Six indoor air guardians to ensure relaxing breathe

CES 2018 highlight: Six indoor air guardians to ensure relaxing breathe
Apart from industrial areas or major traffic ways, invisible air contaminants that are generated indoors such as pollutant gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, bacteria, and formaldehyde, can also cause health implications. As an intelligent smart home owner, environmental sensor or air quality monitor is an inevitable home device for an enhanced living quality and relaxing breathes. SMAhome has collected highlight products at CES 2018 that not only keep users informed about air status, but ensures highest comfort at home.

LANCEY Energy Storage smart electric heater with integrated battery

This product is announced as the Best of Innovations of Home Appliances at CES 2018! The smart heater by LANCEY Energy Storage is the first smart electric heater equipped with a battery and a native energy management system. Its heating blocks utilizes natural stone and IR radiating panel to ensure immediate warmth and comfort. The built-in battery charges during off-peak hours to effectively save energy consumption, and tunes the heater to home users’ needs during peak periods. Further, the built-in sensor enables the smart heater to adapt to users’ habits and ensure comfort. The compatible smart app, communicating through LoRa, allows users a seamless control of indoor temperature and radiator settings in real time.

Dension Senses environment sensor

This environmental sensor from Dension Senses detects not only indoor temperature, but also the air quality and moisture levels of every room in a smart home. Also, with the ability to sense smoke, it can help to protect all the precious and vulnerable objects and loved ones from potential danger. Further, with its automated programs, it optimizes the temperature based on users’ preferred daytime and night-time settings.

To place this environmental sensor at a preferred place, users can attach it to the wall-mounted sensor holder with just a single click with the practical magnetic solution. Users can get notifications when flaming or smoldering fire happens at home, or communicate with the sensor via Bluetooth to update holiday settings.

Netatmo smart thermostat

Save averagely 37% on energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint with Netatmo Thermostat. To maintain the right temperature at the right time, Netatmo Thermostat asks five questions to create a schedule that is based on users’ personal habits and lifestyle, so users only use the heating when they really need it. With the auto-adjust function, the thermostat uses the home’s insulation and the outdoor temperature to program when the heating should switch on.

With the compatible app, users will receive customized energy savings report. The report can help users to track energy consumption and adjust heating schedule for optimal savings. Also, it works with Apple Homekit.

Airgloss ComfortKit

Airgloss Comfortkit includes an Airgloss Sensor, a Boiler Controller, an AirClip, USB cable, and fixing hardware. The sensor finds out where the indoor pollutants come from, monitors and controls temperature, humidity and air quality, and effectively safes energy. With intuitive temperature schedules based on users’ activities, it maintains the comfort all the time when users are at home. Also, the system provides customized advice and tips on handling indoor air pollutants, boosting energy saving and improving indoor environment quality, based on users’ Airgloss data.

The Airgloss Sensor needs no button and touch. Users can simply control it with natural hand gestures, and simply complete tasks like adjusting temperature or checking sensor data.

EQL PM2.5 Detector

Atmospheric particulate matter (PM) are particles that may produce respiratory and cardiovascular illness. EQL PM2.5 Detector monitors indoor PM2.5 density in real time and sends instant notifications to users when poor air quality is detected. By simply connecting to Bluetooth, this PM2.5 Detector with built-in fan and filter can screen fine particles in the smart home. To be even smarter, users can link PM 2.5 Detector to air purifier at home with smart scenario settings.


Germany-based MANN+HUMMEL has more than 75 years of experience in filtration. OurAirNode air sensor can track and detect temperature, dust, humidity, air pressure, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOC), and relay all that information simply via Wi-Fi connection with the OurAir app on smartphone. Using the app, users will be able to view the continuous data of air quality in smart home, including the levels of toxins and allergens that make the home air hazardous. Also, when paired with air purifier devices, the protection of indoor air can be enhanced with air cleaning mechanism. A solution for automobiles is also available with another air purifier.

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