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Solutions that enable voice control in smart office

Solutions that enable voice control in smart office

Oplus E-Box Master Control

The E-Box Master Control is an all-in-one system that can manage up to eight lighting circuits and eight digital inputs for scenario control switches, in addition to projector, air conditioner and curtain controls. It can switch on a “presentation scenario,” for example, by turning on lights simultaneously, turning the A/C to 26 degree Celsius, turning on projector, pulling the curtains and lowering the projection screen. All this can be accomplished via mobile app, Siri voice control or a wall switch with Oplus’ solution.

Office applications include the “work mode” – when sensors detect employees at work, it will automatically turn on lights and the A/C, depending on the time of the day and temperature, to realize energy conservation.

Users may call upon their voice assistant to start a meeting, and the command will turn on lights and A/C, for example; to turn on the presentation mode, which will turn on the projector and dim the lights; to turn on the discussion mode, which will shut off all the equipment.

AIFA i-Ctrl

i-Ctrl is a small UFO-shaped device that can control a variety of infrared appliances including air conditioner, projector, stereo, lighting and fans. The device’s Wi-Fi module allows it to communicate with a smart speaker to enable voice control or a smartphone to enable app control. i-Ctrl essentially makes any traditional appliances (without Wi-Fi connectivity) smart, so that they may all be controlled via smartphone or voice.

With i-Ctrl, users don’t need to worry about losing remote control, because their appliances can now be controlled via smartphone or smart speaker. This allows users to control home or office appliances at a distance.

The device’s comprehensive infrared database allows for 95-percent compatibility with traditional appliances. One of the main benefits of using i-Ctrl is that users don’t need to replace their existing appliances to realize a smart home or smart office environment.

With a technological design and elegant look, i-Ctrl is capable of 180-degree vertical and 360-degree horizontal infrared signal transmission.

Cisco Spark Assistant

Claimed to be the world’s first enterprise-ready voice assistant for meetings, Cisco Spark Assistant is the latest innovation on the Cisco Spark platform. Unlike all-purpose voice assistants, Cisco Spark Assistant has one goal: to help you have great meetings that run more smoothly.

Users may start their meeting without any typing or dialing, by saying “Hey, Spark. Join the meeting,” “Hey, Spark. I want to start the meeting.” or “Hey, Spark. Let’s get started.”

It leverages the deep-domain conversational AI technology from Cisco’s acquisition of MindMeld, which enables cognitive capabilities within the Cisco Spark platform. This makes Cisco Spark a collaboration solution.

Cisco Spark Assistant will help office workers before, during and after a meeting. Its initial cognitive capabilities are designed to make it easier to start meetings, join and leave meetings, call anyone in the organization, and navigate and control Cisco Spark devices.

Kore.a i Bots Platform 6.1

The platform allows enterprises to analyze bot performance to view most frequent utterances that matched or failed to match any intent. It demystifies natural language processing by providing a detailed analysis of how user utterances are processed by its natural language processing (NLP) engine for better intent identification.

The platform enables developers to string together individual bots to create a multi-purpose, branded universal bot or virtual personal assistant that communicates with multiple bots for a person. The universal bot essentially takes the user’s requests and determines which bot to call to tackle the task at hand, multi-tasking on the person’s behalf.’s interactive voice response (IVR) integration (channel) allows customers to integrate their IVR application flows with conversational bots built on platform. This integration allows synchronous or asynchronous https communication with IVR systems to further help customer support. The new channel, at a functional level, help companies to integrate their existing processes to the conversational bots to deliver better customer communication and faster query resolution.

Cisco Spark Room 70

As Cisco’s flagship video collaboration device, the Room 70 brings together people, content, and artificial intelligence (AI) to help teams be more effective.

The Room 70 is an all-in-one device with a powerful codec, a quad camera, and 70-inch single or dual display with integrated speakers and microphones. It’s ideal for rooms that seat up to 14 people and works for local meetings as well as for connecting a remote team.

The Room 70 is available in two configurations. The single-display option puts the focus on the people in the meeting; the dual-screen adds a bold content-sharing experience that works whether everyone is in the same room or around the globe.

The quadruple 5K camera always has a full-room view. This enables faster, more intelligent framing of the room and active speakers for a better visual experience. A related diagnostic mode provides people count metrics for room utilization analysis.

The 4K screens provide amazing clarity and resolution, including when participants are engaging in Cisco Spark whiteboard sessions.

Wafer Systems Virsical Smart Office Platform

Virsical Smart Office Platform is a complete set of mobile application interfaces and smart office platforms that is easy to operate and manage. This platform provides more than 30 mobile office applications such as smart meetings, smart cubicle, visitor management, agenda, attendance, tasks, approval, teleconference and video conference. In addition to the standard functions, Virsical can customize, develop and integrate original application systems such as HR, financing, OA and CRM, so as to facilitate smart office on any device anytime and anywhere.

Key features include meeting room management, booking, approval and reminders that synchronize with employee emails and agenda. The platform supports both voice and text formats, so users can send a voice notification to many persons with the push of a button.

With carrier-grade multi-party voice quality, users can initiate a teleconference whenever and wherever possible at a unified price within one country. Desktop sharing, VOIP voice, electronic whiteboard, Webex meetings are also available.

E2P Media Smart Office

Smart Office makes it easy for employees to use Amazon Alexa in a work environment. It manages Alexa-enabled devices, enrolls users and assigns skills at scale. It can also build custom voice skills and can make these available as private skills for client organization.

Alexa allows the workplace to become virtually interactive through voice technology, so people at all levels can experience having access to a personal assistant. Alexa can simplify conference rooms, allowing meeting attendees to start meetings and control the equipment in the room by simply using their voice. Alexa can also do things around the workplace, like notifying IT about a broken printer, or placing an order for office supplies.

With Smart Office, it’s easy to configure Alexa to control conference rooms. It specifies the type of conferencing equipment being used and preferred meeting applications, which allows Alexa to start most meetings, on most devices, in any room. Smart office can also build skills so that Alexa can work with additional equipment or perform specific tasks in conference rooms.

Tata SmartOffice

SmartOffice is a single box solution that gives businesses access to voice, data, storage and apps. With SmartOffice, a business no longer needs to invest in multiple devices or approach multiple service providers to set up a new office or a branch operation. This affordable solution makes it easy to deploy a smart office.

The solution features Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk for advanced voice connectivity, dedicated bandwidth ensuring reliable high-speedn internet connectivity. There are integrated connectivity for both PSTN voice and internet bandwidth; built-in Wi-Fi, firewall, router and DHCP server; and plug-and-play box with web based graphic user interface. Compatible with open smartphone apps and desktop clients to save IP phone expenses, the solution supports both IP & analog phones.

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