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14 smart home manufacturers popular in ASEAN markets

14 smart home manufacturers popular in ASEAN markets
When it comes to smart home market, where on globe appears in your mind first? According to a study from IHS Markit, the global market size for smart home devices is forecasted to be worth US$3.3 billion by the end of 2017, reaching US$9.4 billion in 2021.
When it comes to smart home market, where on globe appears in your mind first? According to a study from IHS Markit, the global market size for smart home devices is forecasted to be worth US$3.3 billion by the end of 2017, reaching US$9.4 billion in 2021. Among all, Asia is expected to dominate in terms of unit shipments, and in 2021, the Asian region is expected to represent around 46% of unit shipments.

Apart from the leading connected Asian countries like Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan, smart home is emerging and getting popular in user applications in south eastern part of Asia. SMAhome has collected 16 products and solutions from 14 smart home manufacturers locating in 5 countries in Southeast Asia. Most of them are currently focusing on local demand, but it is likely that their portfolio will expand and gain a greater presence in the global smart home market with potential cooperation with other international smart home enterprises.

From the statistics of Statista Market Forecast, smart home revenue in Thailand is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2017-2021) of 63.9 % resulting in a market volume of US$259m in 2021. As security solutions have the highest demand and interests within Thai consumer market, the Thai security solutions market 2017 is expected to worth US$110 million and is predicted to grow by 10-12% in 2018. Here are three prevailing Thai smart home manufacturers.

Jarton 131008 home digital lock APOLLO 3 system

Locating in Thailand, Jarton is a leading doorlock hardware manufacturer and distributor of ASEAN area. 131008 Home Digital Lock APOLLO 3 System, one of the best-seller of Jarton, enables multiple locking options including passcode, card or proximity keytag and physical keys. It has automatic locking functions and can recognize fake ID. For inviting family and friends, 131008 Home Digital Lock APOLLO 3 System can memorize up to 200 sets of passwords and 800 access cards.

PrompTec smart Wi-Fi camera PT-01

Developed by Connext Concept, an importer and distributor of Smart Home products and IoT installation in Thailand, PrompTec has a full collection of smart home security products. Smart Wi-Fi Camera PT-01 has built-in Wi-Fi module, 120-degree view, and enables night vision with nine built-in LEDs. Also, with the two-way audio and real-time video via smartphone app, homeowners can have a live view and handle home events remotely. Smart Wi-Fi Camera PT-01 can be set up easily via app and QR code scanning.

i-Bechamp GE-SN10HD RF/ZigBee Android 10-Inch control panel

As part of the Great Empire International Group in Thailand, i-Bechamp has multiple smart home solutions that supports KNX, Buspro and ZigBee standards. GE-SN10HD RF/ZigBee Android 10-Inch Control Panel combines home automation, video door phone (TCP IP), security alarm and video surveillance functions into one device, and can be controlled by smart phone and tablet with free app. It supports interfaces including ZigBee, RF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TF card, RJ45, and RS485. With its 10.1” LCD touch screen, users can control their home devices, set scenarios, and even do online shopping. When installed in tall buildings, GE-SN10HD RF/ZigBee Android 10-Inch Control Panel enables elevator linkage to provide an enhanced surveillance and access control.

Also in Malaysia, as people attain more information in smart home products and solutions, both demand and supply in this market are growing. Following are three smart home manufacturers from Malaysia that have significant scale in local market.

Bluguard Wireless wall switch HA 08

Bluguard targets to be the leading company in Malaysia that provides their customer innovative security system. Wireless Wall Switch HA 08 is simple and allows controls from lighting, automation to security devices. With the blue LED backlight indicator, users can access Wall Switch HA 08 with ease even in a pitch dark environment. Also, users are allowed to control devices wherever they are with the Bluguard smartphone app. Wall Switch HA 08 is a wireless product that requires no re-wiring during the installation process.

MYCiTY smart home server MY-CW01

Since founded in 2007 in Selangor, Malaysia, MYCiTY Smart Home has been dealing with environmental smart home systems for commercial as well as residential purposes. MY-CW01 is the core device of the wireless home automation system. Needs no wiring for installation, it is suitable for both new built homes and retrofits. MY-CW01 works on dynamic IP instead of fixed IP, and can connect to home network to monitor lighting, CCTV, alarms and more. With the iOS and Android apps, timer and scenarios can be pre-configured and triggered at preset times. The wireless communication between server and switches or sockets are two-way communications. The server always indicates the connecting status.

VYROX Wireless smart home solution

VYROX International provides vertically integrated smart home one-stop solutions, from hardware to software. The latest developed VYROX Smart Home Technology is a system which equipped with intelligent home automation technology, home theater system, web-based lighting control system, internet accessible surveillance system and enhanced alarm system. It is possible to control every single electronic and electrical device of the house using any web enabled devices, voices, gestures, motions and SMS at anywhere and anytime with Vyrox Wireless Smart Home Solution. Users can monitor and secure the house using the integrated web-based CCTV cameras and get notified by SMS and emails if any of the alarm is triggered by sensors of motion, vibration, rain, gas and smoke. It enables 80 wireless radio frequency controls and 50 IF controls.

As for Singapore, digitally connected devices that can be remote controlled, such as sensors, actuators and cloud services that support home automation, has gained popularity in consumer market. According to the estimation of Statista Market Forecast, revenue in Singaporean smart home market amounts to US$37m in 2017. The household penetration is at 5.0 % in 2017 and is expected to hit 22.5 % in 2021. Below are also three local smart home product providers in Singapore.

Singtel starter kit with contact sensor

Singtel launched the smart home solution in Singapore last year, offering customers a personalized smart lifestyle experience encompassing home automation and security. The Starter Kit with Contact Sensor contains the basic devices to start creating a safer, smarter home. It includes a hub and a contact sensor that allow users to be notified in real-time on smartphone when important events occur, such as when there is unexpected entry into their home. The Smart Hub is the “brain” of smart home and a motion-triggered security camera. It communicates with up to 232 devices, so users can control and customize device settings with the true-i mobile app. And when motion is detected, the camera can instantly take video recording. Users can also view a 24/7 live stream of home from the mobile app. With the true-i mobile app, up to 5 users can share the account, making it simpler and easier for family members to be connected.

Igloohome smart mortise lock

As Airbnb hosts, igloohome founders had problems handing over keys to the renters. So access solutions for rental properties and smart homes are then rolled out for greater convenience. With this Smart Mortise Lock, users no longer need to dig into their bags for forgotten keys. Simply unlock the door with PIN codes or Bluetooth key on smartphone, and certainly key cards and physical keys are still in options. The mobile app enables users to grant access to their home, and select how long they need to be valid for visitors. Also, igloohome lock works with technology involving encryption and synchronization. Internet is not required for the lock hence increasing reliability against Wi-Fi hacking.

Anjels i-EzSwitch & i-EzDim

Anjels develops wireless system that integrates lighting, electrical control, security control and energy consumption monitoring system using advanced RF technology. Founded in 2002 in Singapore, it is the pioneer in the market to develop fully integrated system. The i-EzSwitch(right) and i-EzDim(left) are respectively a portable mini controller for 4 points, and a portable mini controller for remote dimming of 2 lights. i-EzSwitch can control four devices such as ceiling fan, air conditioner, and lighting individually, and the i-EzDim automates the dimming settings for two lighting circuits. They both work under the wireless radio frequency of 433MHz and RF range from 15cm. With the Anjels Home Automation & Security System, whole-home wireless automation is all under control with ease.

In Vietnam, smart home was viewed as a luxurious installation in the past. With greatest knowledge of common habits of Vietnamese and the geographical vicinity, made-in-Vietnam smart home solutions and products are dominating the local market with affordable prices and close services. Significant examples are as follows.

SmartHome by Bkav Wi-Fi smart lighting device SH-D2ZW

Bkav Technology Group is operating in network security, software, e-government, smartphone manufacturers and smart electronics, providing cloud computing services. For many years, Bkav’s anti-virus software has been a “Most Popular Information Security Product” for the users, and they have pioneered the trend of smart home system in Vietnam for over ten years ago. SH-D2ZW operates based on PIR sensor technology. When users are in the sensing area, it automatically turns on the light. Also, SH-D2ZW is integrated with light sensor which allows identification of darkness to turn on the light and helps saving energy accordingly. SH-D2ZW can be connected through Wi-Fi or ZigBee to the Bkav SmartDevice interface on tablet or other mobile devices.

ACIS Technology smart switch

ACIS in the beginning, was a technology project cherished from 2001 by a group of students from the University of Technology HCM. In 2012, ACIS Technology was established in Ho Chi Minh City, promoting the trading activities of the product line Easycontrol. This smart switch doesn’t need an extra hub or central device, and allows convenient controls in one touch. Using GFSK modulation with ACIS protocol and mesh-grid repeater technology, every device serves as an access point in wireless network to keep the system stable. Users can control the smart switch in ACIS’s Easycontrol Solution, which gathers all individual appliances in the house to become a synchronous system, thereby enabling users to control all devices automatically as preset scenarios, and allowing users to monitor all appliances through the Internet at anywhere.

Lumi gateway and IR controller

After years of operation, Lumi has 45 dealers nationwide in Vietnam and exports to countries including Australia, India and Brazil. The gateway plays a role as a master of the smart home system. It communicates with home devices via ZigBee and Z-Wave wireless standard, and connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or LAN. With the gateway, monitoring device status and setting schedules or rules become easier. As for the IR Controller, it can replace multiple remote controllers such as AC, ceiling fans or TV, and learn commands from those devices. With seven IR LED built-in, this IR Controller emits commands from 360°. Also, it supports multiple wireless communications including ZigBee or Z-Wave or Wi-Fi.

VSMARTTEK environmental sensor and smart plug

Using Bluetooth wireless technology, the environmental sensor detects temperature, humidity, and light. It also helps homeowners adjust their brightness, temperature and humidity status via mobile devices from anywhere with an Internet connection. The smart plug is designed with one socket. Using capacitive touch technology, the remote control over Wi-Fi will help control devices that are connected to the socket from anywhere. The smart plug installation make replacement easy and does not affect the infrastructure of home.

Forefinger Alder Q-Series

Locating in Jakarta, Indonesia, Forefinger is developed as a centralized controller system for home electricity. Alder Q-Series is designed specifically to boost the convenience of smart home, either users are home or away. From customize and automate house profiles, reducing electricity bill, until saving mother earth with energy usage efficiency, Alder is the solution for home. This system is capable of handling a building with more than 140 concurrent objects by consuming power as much as a laptop. With the Power consumption Schedule and Holiday Schedule, the system will learn the users’ habit and know when they are away to make sure energy saving.

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