I-TONE creates smart home systems to optimize life style

I-TONE creates smart home systems to optimize life style
Established in 2006, Shenzhen I-TONE Intelligent Product is a China-based solution provider of smart system which supports lighting, window, appliances, environment and alarm controls. Supporting wireless RF433MHz standard, the system is controlled by a control host or wireless router. Home users can control smart home devices remotely with mobile devices via Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. For home security, the system can connect to IP cameras and intercoms besides alarm and safety sensors, including infrared, door, smoke and gas sensors, and emergency buttons.

The system, designed to optimize life style, can control light switch and dimmer for light control, and controls curtain and window switches for comfort life. With IR transmitters, home users can control home appliances like TV, air conditioner, power socket. For a more comfortable environment, the system connects to temperature, humidity, CO and PM2.5 sensors to control indoor environment quality.

The company promotes its one-of-a-kind GPRS alarm system which is offered to a Russia security service company. With years of experiences and expertise in working with system integrators, the company offers customized services of smart home systems for global buyers. Besides the whole-home systems, the company started to offer starter kit available at the retail channels like Walmart. The wireless kit consists of a hub, power plug, switch, infrared sensor and speaker.

I-TONE’s sales revenue is primarily generated from OEM and ODM businesses which account for around 90 percent of sales. At present, half of its sales revenue is generated from export business. With a manufacturing site in Anhui, China, it offers complete in-house manufacturing services, including R&D, SMT, assembly and packaging processes.

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