Flex Automation eyes Asian market in its international expansion

Flex Automation eyes Asian market in its international expansion
Brazil-based total smart home solution provider Flex Automation is showcasing its smart gateway and control panels at SMAhome Expo 2017 in Taipei, aiming to establish larger presence in the Asian market.

Founded 13 years ago, Flex has installed complete home automation in the high-end market. Its installation includes lighting, air conditioning, door lock, blinds, biometric access door and home theater.

Basically, the whole floor will be automated, in the living room, dining room, balcony, bedrooms, kitchen and toilet.

Flex solutions have been installed in thousands of homes in Brazil. The company has offices in many countries around the world and is looking to introduce its services in Asia.

What sets Flex apart in the smart home sector is that it aims to offer easy-to-install and flexible products and services, said Flex’s Jean Pascal Nathan De Simone, in an interview with SMAhome.

The company employs the Z-Wave protocol, a wireless standard widely adopted in smart homes because of its transmission reliability, security, low-power and interoperability features.

In fact, Flex has an extensive experience with Z-Wave, since the company adopted the technology 12 years ago, even before Z-Wave Alliance was formed. Z-Wave is developed from the ground up for smartphone applications. Due to its low radio frequency and power consumption, radiation is negligible, says the company.

Flex’s Jean is upbeat about the industry’s future development. There is potential for smart home in multiple parts of the world. He thinks some of the oil-producing countries in the Middle East present great opportunities. China is a big market too. Korea is not a market to ignore either. Its government has set the policy to have smart devices installed in every home in the country, according to Jean.

Every country is different. While it is possible to install complete home automation in Brazil, it’s not as easy to do so in the United States, where DIY products are leading smart home implementation. Nevertheless, the U.S. is still a sizable market, Jean noted.

Commenting on his experience at SMAhome Expo, Jean said from his perspective, this year’s exhibition is better than last year’s and that he has been busy talking to visitors at this booth most of the time.

Flex provides sustainable solutions for both residential and commercial environments. The company’s mission is “to offer products that are easy to install, with intuitive, elegant interfaces, coupled with low-cost and flexible features.”

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