Netvox demonstrates ZigBee Kit and IoT solution with private cloud

Netvox demonstrates ZigBee Kit and IoT solution with private cloud
With a selection of over 150 connected devices mainly based on ZigBee connectivity for home security/safety, energy management and switch/remote control applications, Netvox is well-positioned in the market with a comprehensive product offering. It offers home kits and an IoT solution which provides private clouds for homes, schools and businesses. The company is now working on bringing true automation to homes through software, where devices can intelligently communicate with each other to perform automated actions based on schedule or events. In other words, once users have set the rules, the devices can be left to operate on their own without much user management.
Since about 3 years ago, Netvox shifted its focus from hardware manufacture to offering IoT solutions as competition in hardware manufacture became fierce and the company was looking for ways to differentiate itself from competitors. Its first home kit “Netvox Cloud Based Smart Home Butler” hit the market in 2014, and the IoT solution “Netvox Cloud-Based Smart IoT Solution” was added to its portfolio earlier this year.

Netvox Cloud Based Smart Home Butler is currently sold in China and comes in two versions—Home Pack and Commercial Pack. The kit has a comparatively large number of items compared to many kits offered by other companies. Take the Home Pack for example, it has 16 smart devices of 13 different kinds. Kent Shen, Vice President of Netvox explains that this is because only when there is a large enough smart home system can the advantage of the system be shown. A large system means more possible interactions between devices, and thus more possible actions, including event-based actions, can be performed.

Home Pack includes:

  • Cloud home gateway x 1
  • Wireless LED light bulb x 2
  • Intelligent pan-tilt IP camera (indoor type) x 1
  • Wireless temperature & humidity sensor with display x 1
  • Emergency push button x 1
  • Wireless presence tag x 1
  • Wireless power plug with power meter/US type x 1
  • Wireless power plug with power meter/EU type x 1
  • Wireless window sensor x 1
  • Wireless siren x 1
  • Bi-directional ZigBee to IR adaptor x 1
  • Wireless motion detector with photo sensor x 1
  • Wireless wall switch x 1
  • Wireless door bell button x 1
Netvox’s IoT solution is meant to provide users a simple way to integrate IoT technologies such as wireless control, cloud management, and M2M computing into their existing systems. It comes with mobile apps and private clouds, and is suitable for not only homes but also for schools and businesses that want to keep data in private clouds. “We believe that not all data should be stored in public clouds for data protection reasons,” said Shen.

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