StarVedia integrates smart home camera and Amazon Echo

StarVedia integrates smart home camera and Amazon Echo
StarVedia Technology, one of the video surveillance and smart home solution provider from Taiwan, revealed its year 2017 plan is to empower its popular IC722 camera and Z-Wave smart home kit with voice command capabilities.

“We’ve successfully integrated Amazon Alexa/Echo to work with IC722z IP camera now. The integration of Apple Homekit is in our 2017 roadmap,” StarVedia President Jeffrey Wu explained.

The camera IP722 and IP731 produced by StarVedia is the combination of home security camera and a Z-Wave smart home gateway. The camera connects and operates a wide variety of smart home devices, including smart plugs, light bulbs, and curtains.

The IC722z has been tested on more than 100 Z-Wave-compliant devices from different vendors and the results have all been positive, according to Wu, stating that its device can work effectively without a hitch after pairing.

“Around 60% of Starvedia consumers come from the retail market,” said Wu. “The IC722z has proven to be hugely popular in key regional markets such as USA, Europe, South East Asia and much more.”

Next to IC722z, the new outdoor and battery-based wireless camera is developing now. “Development directions for this new camera include the wider viewing angle, long-lasting performance under WiFi circumstance and cloud/SD card storage. It will be very suitable for users requiring self-monitoring.” Wu further disclosed that video analytic technology is under StarVedia’s R&D radar now.

“We are definitely a software-savvy troop. We know how to design the software and efficiently integrate it with the hardware, and accomplish this goal without compromising quality or the lack of features thereof,” Wu exclaimed in a previous interview with SMAhome.

More than software, the integration of WiFi and Z-Wave protocols under one single units is one of the company’s core competence. “We are able to provide stable, performance-oriented devices that meet safety and security management solutions through quality components and chipsets.”

Wu is optimistic in smart home market prospects. “We’ve seen the growing demands for Z-Wave smart home solutions from our clients for the past years. In 2017, Starvedia is making our smart home offerings more complete. Multifunctional operations such as remote control, cloud recording, scenario setting and live view can be fulfilled within one APP, designed by StarVedia.”

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