Climax Z1 Smart Camera Home Security System provides total solution

Climax Z1 Smart Camera Home Security System provides total solution
Climax Technology has introduced Z1 Smart Camera Home Security System that aims to serve as a total smart home solution.
Z1 is an all-in-one home security system integrated with 1080p HD resolution camera featuring ultra wide-angle lens and night vision, plus two-way voice audio with echo cancellation, in case urgent communication is needed.
Climax Technology says Z1 has built-in motion, temperature, humidity and ambient light sensors to help homeowners build a healthy environment. The sensor can facilitate the process of remote home automation for security and energy controls.
Z1 is compatible with RF, ZigBee and Z-Wave accessories, supporting up to 160 wireless sensors. This essentially create endless possibilities on providing home security, visual monitoring, home automation, energy management and emergency monitoring services.
The extensive sensors and accessories supported by the Z1 system can help users live smarter and greener while bringing more convenience.

Other important features

The product is ideal for small- and mid-sized homeowners who are looking for comprehensive smart home security system with expandability.
Various components make up the Z1 security system. Among them is a powerful siren that can deter intruders to the house; a MicroSD slot to allow for local storage which protects user privacy.
Also, the device is embedded with IR motion sensor which will activate the camera and trigger alerts when irregular presence is detected.
Z1 comes with outer wooden design, but there are other options to fit with the decoration requirement of each house.
On specifications, it comes with a backup battery for longer usage and it also supports voice prompt applications.

Company’s commitment to excellence

Climax Technology is a security, telecare and complete smart home solution provider that integrates security, senior care, home automation and energy management services.
For over three decades, Climax has applied its expertise in telecommunication and wireless radio frequency to develop security mechanism for homes. The company strives to pursue perfection in delivering value and service with the objective of providing the best security and care for every home and individual.
Quality control is critical in delivering products that meet customers’ demand. Climax is always looking for ways to make improvement. The company has installed manufacturing processes that surpass the requirement of ISO standards. As such, Climax’s products have superior quality, functionality and capabilities that can pass the most rigorous client demand, the company stressed.

Z1 Smart Camera Home Security System

  • Security system
  • IR motion detection
  • Powerful siren
  • MicroSD slot
  • 1920×1080 HD camera
  • Two-way intercom
  • Temperature, humidity & light monitoring

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Residential Security

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