ComfortClick: Energy management and security are two growth drivers

ComfortClick: Energy management and security are two growth drivers
Founded in 2008, ComfortClick provides KNX and Z-Wave based solutions, and a building operating system called ComfortClick bOS. The company provides software development service for smart buildings from consultation to project planning and implementation. The company is a member of the KNX organization and Z-Wave alliance.
ComfortClick launched Jigsaw—the smallest member of ComfortClick Controller family in March this year. Supporting the bOS software platform, Jigsaw lets users to remotely control their connected devices. Users can control their smart home devices from a mobile app on any mobile device. Jigsaw supports KNX, Z-Wave and Modbus protocols, and various brands like DSC, Sonos, Kodi (XBMC), Global Caché, IRTrans, Philips Hue and SMA Solar technologies.
The company offers both wireless and wired smart home solutions; the wired ones account for a larger portion of the company’s revenue. “Though the wireless smart home solution provides a simple and cost-effective way for DIYers to enter into the world of home automation. However, the features of these wireless systems are quite limited in comparison with wired professional installation solutions,” said Luka Persic, CEO of ComfortClick.
Persic indicated that smart home products are primarily applied to new buildings and existing home. “KNX has become number one standard for new buildings and Z-Wave for existing ones.” Persic added that there are a number of propriety and closed solutions which are usually cheaper than those systems that are KNX or Z-Wave based. “The end user has to choose between the two options. It might be difficult especially for non-tech savvy customers,” he said.
He observed that the demand of energy-efficient applications is picking up. “Energy management has become an important market driver in the last couple of years. Customers are taking up the smart home solutions on the promise to help them reduce their energy costs.”
With regards to the popular applications, he thinks energy management and security are the two most important categories. “Our software platform bOS enables automation of various everyday tasks which helps to reduce energy consumption and increase security. It can monitor energy consumption, automatic turn off of various electrical devices, and supports presence simulation and video surveillance,” explained Persic.

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