BTSTAR: A Z-Wave based home automation & security solution provider from Asia

BTSTAR: A Z-Wave based home automation & security solution provider from Asia
Taiwan-based telecommunications manufacturer BTStar has announced a Z-Wave based Home Automation System. Installed with a Wireless 500 Series Z-Wave module, the ZG01 Heimdall Gateway serves as the central hub of BTStar newly announced Home Automation System, communicating with any compatible appliance within the local Z-Wave mesh network – and supporting a diverse suite of automation and monitoring accessories natively offered by BTStar. Via gateway access to Wi-Fi or LAN, household conditions are manageable through the APP, which permits remote operation of connected devices and the creation of conditional scenes from any compatible mobile device. 

Basic household automation is achievable with use of the BTStar ZC01C Smart Plug, which – in addition to providing essential features such as remote outlet management with real-time feedback, surge protection, and smart historical metering – also serves as a bridge and repeater for the Z-Wave mesh network, extending the effective range of the Heimdall Gateway with every additional smart plug added. BTStar's current home automation offering also includes the ZC03 Roller Shutter Controller for curtains, and the ZC06 In-Wall Dimmer Module for lighting.

Focusing on home security

More robust in comparison with its automation offerings, BTStar's present lineup of security and monitoring devices encompass a range of countermeasures for home intrusion and other emergencies, including smoke (ZS01) and flooding (ZS02) detectors, and a vibration sensor for window break-ins (ZS04). Any detected irregularities can be set to trigger the ZS05 Multi- Sound Siren, an easy-to-install device that pairs up to 6 different predefined siren noises to userindicated conditions. The highlight of the BTStar sensor suite is the ZS05A 4-in-1 Multi Sensor, a door / window contact sensor mounted with light, temperature, and body motion detection capabilities via passive infrared (PIR). The tamper-proof 4-in-1 is powered by a lithium battery with a guaranteed lifespan of over 2 years, and is capable of capturing just about any irregular activity within the vicinity of a doorway. Doorways themselves may be secured with use of the BTStar ZC04 Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock. Capable of storing up to 13 user codes of up to 10 digits each, it maintains a 50-item cloud-synchronized log of the most recent accesses by user, and may be set to report accesses in real-time to designated mobile devices. To reduce the annoyance of constantly switching out the lock battery, low energy consumption capabilities ensure a full battery has a lifespan of between 6 to 8 months, assuming roughly 10 accesses in a given day.

Future directions

BTStar provides a number of other devices notably, in the areas of wireless connectivity and entertainment. Though these items are at present not immediately related to its home automation ecosystem, it is possible that in prospect, the company intends to expand its Internet of Things (IoT) to more completely cover the assorted venues of the domestic life.

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