Sunchan Wi-Fi camera grants easy access to cloud services

Sunchan Wi-Fi camera grants easy access to cloud services
The professional surveillance company Sunchan Development has released its all-in-one Wi-Fi camera for indoor home use. Via this new IP camera, users are able to access Sunchan's cloud platform services which include monitoring, storage, pushing, alert, displaying and secure encryption. 

Users can download Sunchan's free APP from Apple Store or Google Play and register an account which enables remote control over up to 16 Sunchan cameras. During the setup process, the camera has to be linked to a home router and access to Internet.

Via the APP, users can easily pan the camera to have a better view of their homes, or talk with family members via the two way audio embedded in the camera. If one route of internet connection is breakdown, the camera will automatically find another to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted data transmission.

For now the Wi-Fi Camera is available mainly from online stores, such as Taobao and eBay. Sunchan will soon release another indoor cube camera and a specially designed outdoor camera which is covered in metal. Users can also login the APP with the public account and see the real-time demo of Sunchan cameras.

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