Senzo smart switch system promotes energy efficiency and home security

Senzo smart switch system promotes energy efficiency and home security
The Malaysia smart home brand Senzo was created for the smart switch product line in 2006. Over years, Senzo has developed a remote control system by combining its smart switches, sensors, an IoT gatway and a free APP, which allows users to remotely control their gadgets at anytime from anywhere. 
Senzo's smart home system utilizes RF434 to achieve near-field wireless connectivity between devices, making the installation and controlling as simple as possible. The brain of this system is the IoT gateway which enables command over up to 256 switches (within 40-meter coverage) and remote control on a cloud server.

The Senzo smart switch provides several pragmatic functions, such as timer, light control, energy saving, etc. For the sake of energy efficiency, users can turn on/off a light anytime they like via presetting, or pair the switches up with motion sensors to achieve better power management. In terms of home security, the smart switch can also interact with sensors, including siren sensor and motion sensor, to automatically turn on a light when an alarm/voice alert is triggered. 

Another attraction about Senzo's switch is its “changeable skin.” Customers are able to replace the default gray-and-white skin of each switch with any pattern compatible with the interior design at their homes. 

“The RD, ID design and software design are all accomplished by ourselves,” says Dennis Yoong, Marketing Manager of Senzo. For now the company is aiming at expanding its business in India and South-east countries via distributers and dealers, providing end users with peace of mind and energy efficiency. 

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