One sharp choice leads to unlimited possibilities and connections: Overkiz

One sharp choice leads to unlimited possibilities and connections: Overkiz
When an exclusive platform offers all services and product connections that hit right on your requirement, no extra choice is needed and no more dilemma between provider options.

French OEM infrastructure developer Overkiz is specialized in connectivity solutions from different manufacturers and technologies for home and building automation. It manages to achieve interoperability between protocols and standards, creating a high compatibility for utility brands and service providers.

A marketplace that links partners together

To concretize the main concept, Matthieu de Broca, International Business Development Director of Overkiz, told us, "To use a figure of speech, people could view Overkiz's IoT dedicated cloud as a powerful translator that simultaneously steams multi-complex languages altogether. But in the case of HVAC appliances, those languages are protocols such as ZigBee, EnOcean, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RTS and Z-Wave, among few. Surfing on open radio frequencies, the Overkiz smart solution manages the back-end communication behind the end-user's interface via adapted antennas, which allows a smooth device control at home and in the building, significantly simplifying maintenance matters."
Matthieu de Broca, International
Business Development Director of

Overkiz develops comprehensive back-end smart home/building solutions on a white-label basis, which allow global tier-1 MNCs to embed this turnkey platform behind their brand name. Supporting 20 wireless and wired protocols, Overkiz turns into a trustworthy partner, starting with its main shareholder, Somfy group.

With multiple solution experience, Overkiz provides customized services based on the need of partners. For product manufacturers like ventilation, heating, and lighting companies, can work with Overkiz to develop compatible software or build maintenance service for their specific hardware products. Also, Overkiz can deliver end-to-end connectivity between products and sensors.

On the other hand, for distributors and wholesalers who only sell devices from other brands, Overkiz produces integrated user interface to enable compatibility for all products in one service portal. In this way, the solution becomes the bridge for a list of products to communicate with each other.

Leveraging on the successful cooperation with Bouygues Immobilier, Groupe Atlantic, Hitachi, and Somfy, Overkiz is deploying its operations all over Europe and expanding to JAPAC region.

With an expectation to work with more international real estate developers in smart homes, commercial buildings, and collective housing, Broca said Overkiz’s platform includes many services and suppliers together to create a fluid business model for decision makers. “If a decision maker has only one choice, Overkiz's technology can be the one because users are not limited by protocols, providers, or brands. This is our main superiority," added Broca. "We've gained positive reviews as most of our business clients are doing more than a billion euro turnover in their business.”

Interoperability is key to cope with fast-growing smart home markets

Broca sees the next five years a booming smart home market as the technology is getting simpler and more affordable for users. "Smart home market is rising from early stage into mass-adapter stage, which is a good sign for product manufacturers and solution vendors like us. Big players like Amazon, Google, or Alibaba who have AI speakers will drive the user adoption from the product side and lower the price, making it more competitive in the hardware market."

From his point of view, the key to be a successful smart home solution relies on interoperability. "The use of smart home solution is highly individual oriented, so it's reasonable to affirm that users don't want 20 different smartphone apps to control their homes. Consequently, Overkiz's all-in-one interface becomes a must-have for appliance manufacturers," said Broca, "Going forward, it will be interesting to see market dynamics offering tangible business opportunities for us.”

"Overkiz facilitates the way into market without users doing every step by themselves. We have made all choices possible in our ecosystem, enabling our users a stronger connection and greater benefit to each other," concluded Broca.

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