Redmond Industrial Group makes smart lifestyle a breeze

Redmond Industrial Group makes smart lifestyle a breeze
Based in the United States, Redmond Industrial Group is a leading company who provides small home appliances since 1992. The company has operational offices in USA, Canada, Poland, Russia, CIS and India. “Redmond Industrial Group started to export Smart Home products to Europe in mid-2016. We work with distributors such as X-Gem, MEI Europa LDA and others to expand our global reach. There are also non-global local supplies to Media Markt/Saturn, Carrefour, Euronics and technical super stores,” said Daria Pakhomova, Regional Lead Manager of Marketing at Redmond.

The company makes its smart home appliances smarter by incorporating Ready for Sky (R4S) technology to make the appliances remotely controllable via the mobile app on the smartphone or tablet PC. Pakhomova indicated that one of the key features of Redmond Smart Home products is that all smart appliances are controllable via a single mobile app Ready for Sky (R4S). “It provides convenience for consumers when using the smart devices to make life a breeze. The user can make coffee and ventilate the room at the same time at home or away from anywhere in the world with ease.”

The company’s product line consists of Sky Kitchen (smart appliances for kitchen), Sky Fitness (gadgets for healthy lifestyle), Sky Home (smart home appliances) and Sky Power (smart electric gadgets). At the moment, the company’s smart home product series of smart appliances for kitchen and home include multi-cookers, kettles, coffee makers, irons, scales, heaters, humidifiers, etc. In addition, the company also provides home automation devices like smart light bulb, switch, security sensors, and smart plugs. Redmond introduced new smart home appliances—REDMOND SkyCoffee RCM-M1505S-E, SkyKettle RK-M170S-E, SkyKitchen RMC-CBF390S-E and SkyScales RS-741S-E at IFA this year.

Incorporating new technologies

As a company who seeks growth and innovations, Redmond believes wireless connectivity and new technologies like voice and gesture control can help consumers to control and use their smart home appliances more intelligently and boost the market demand henceforth in the fast-moving environment. In addition, the company will introduce more product categories to cater to the market need. “Now, we have more than 50SKUs of smart devices. We will add at least 10 by the end of 2017. Intuitive control like voice or gesture control is widely adopted. We will keep up with the trend and develop products supporting voice and gesture control technologies. Voice commands will be recognized and transmitted to our gateway server and further to the specific user’s device for execution,” explained Pakhomova.

By far, the company’s smart home devices support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi protocols. “We think the proprietary standards and other short-range technologies like Z-Wave have their limitations. Bluetooth 5.0 and long distance appliances which can transmit within 15km connection area will show the greater dynamics. Presently, our home appliances can support up to 5 Mbps bandwidth connection via Wi-Fi and GSM network that is enough to operate 10 household appliances at the same time. Also, our products support BLE technology to enable users to control the devices without using a hub,” said Pakhomova.

Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN), an energy-efficient network of far-distance activity, is a wireless technology for transmitting small data volume over long distance. The technology is developed and applied for distributed networking telemetry and machine-to-machine interaction and Internet of things. “LPWAN is one of the wireless technologies providing data collection from various equipment such as detectors, meters and sensors,” commented she.

She pointed out that home safety devices, the products with affordable pricing, and energy-saving solutions are fast-growing product lines over the next few years. “It’s a trend to develop products that support scene setting and M2M interaction, so-called ‘scenarios’ to provide more intelligent operation. The smart devices will interact with one another when the preset events are triggered,” she stated. “Our mission is to make smart home idea more accessible and affordable to the masses. Therefore, our devices are priced in the mid-range segment.”

Redmond aims to offer the smart lifestyle to everyone, providing people additional convenience, safety and affordability from its smart solutions. “We believe smart home appliances connected to one another and supporting remote control can bring a great deal of benefits for consumers. It’s the future,” concluded Pakhomova.

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