The smart home to see faster development in China in 2017: Rexense

The smart home to see faster development in China in 2017: Rexense
While the smart home industry is at its early stage in China, the “concept” has taken shape, and the industry is poised to undergo faster development in 2017, according to Rexense, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider based in Hangzhou.

Founded in 2011, Rexense specializes in connecting the cloud platform with smart home solutions. The company’s CEO Michael Nee said in an interview with SMAhome that the smart home industry so far hasn’t taken off in China, as players in the industry are still waiting for a clear path of development.

Asked about the major development shift in 2016, Ni said the “notion of smart home” has been a public aware in China, which has served as a confidence boost to market need. “All traditional electronics makers are more or less participating in smart building construction sectors,” the president cited.

Amid this general consensus, companies in the country today reckon the need to push for “revolutionized product development,” Nee said. “Most companies want to establish a smooth IoT connection with their clients.”

The strong technical know-how facilitates Rexense’s engagement in China’s IoT standardization. It has extensive experience in developing, producing and selling ZigBee products, offering wireless network technology to the industry. According to Nee, the company distinguishes itself by being the first to join the ZigBee association in China. Its team has been playing with the ZigBee technology for 13 years, he said. In 2015, Rexense became the first company to obtain the ZigBee Smart Energy certificate in China.

By offering ZigBee modules, network gateways, cloud services and home automation solutions, essentially Rexense serves as the back-end solution for the cloud services and device maker clients. Rexense conducts all the testing and in fact invests more in the process of establishing IoT connection. “Our customers have nothing to lose,” Nee said. This is a win-win business model, because

Rexense can realize growth in “platform abundance,” the president said. “We have completed linking and connecting all the products from different brands.”

Rexense also manufacturers a variety of IoT products, and therefore can provide value to the system integrator and cloud platform clients who need IoT products. The winning strategy of Rexense is the “standardized” services and close partnership with big shots in China such as Alibaba, Tencent and, Nee said. Rexense’s operation now extends all over China.

Rexense’s home automation system employs advanced sensor, wireless communication and smart control technologies to design a system that factors in human behavior and interior design. The suite includes a centralized management (e.g. ZigBee/Wi-Fi gateway), energy management (e.g. smart plug, smart wall socket), environment control (e.g. humidity sensor, light switch, air conditioner controller), security control (e.g. indoor siren, smoke detector) and personal health (e.g. health watch, infant monitor, emergency beeper) that is under development.

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