Broadlink smart home designed for safety, comfort and convenience

Broadlink smart home designed for safety, comfort and convenience
BroadLink, whose investors are Qihoo 360 and, is specialized in wireless networking technologies, software and integration capability. Founded in 2013, BroadLink provides wireless smart home solutions, including smart plugs, Wi-Fi modules, universal remotes, alarm kits and air quality monitoring devices. The company plans to launch new product line—smart LED bulb based on Wi-Fi and ZigBee wireless standards in Q3, 2015. The smart bulbs will be available with entry-level, mid-range and high-end segments in terms of pricing and functions. The company predicts its sales revenue to be tripled in 2015 over 2014.

Broadlink’s Wi-Fi universal remote control RM pro and RM home are used to control IR home appliances, and control wireless sensors based on 315 MHz and 433MHz frequencies. Its e-Air weather station has built-in sensors of sound, VOC, temperature, humidity and illumination. It is expandable with PM2.5 and formaldehyde monitoring, and PIR sensing. The remote features one-button configuration, self-learning mode and timing control. Its SP mini, a smart plug, automatically turns on and off based on home users’ locations without operation on the mobile app. Besides easy-to-use design, the smart plug can connect to the cloud externally and to the smart home devices internally to provide schedulable and interoperable home appliances and smart devices. Home users can monitor lighting status and air quality, or energy consumption, as well as pre-schedule and control home appliances. For example, they can automatically turn on humidifier and air purifier when the air condition changes, or set time to cook before getting back home from work or before they wake up. 

Based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, BroadLink has 150 R&D staff working on software and hardware designs. The company’s sales revenue is generated from own-brand DIY products sold by distributors, physical and online stores in Europe, the US, Australia and China. At present, its products are available on for the domestic market. The domestic market accounts for 80 percent of its sales revenue by far. The company believes the retail channel like supermarkets is important to expanding its overseas market. 

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