IntesisHome provides out-of-the-box solution for air-conditioner control

IntesisHome provides out-of-the-box solution for air-conditioner control
Founded in 2000, from Spain, Intesis Software began its business by providing specific solutions for professionals, in particularly system integrators in home automation. The product portfolio includes gateways and interfaces for integration, focusing on open technologies and protocols like KNX, LonWorks, Modbus, BACnet, M-Bus, and so forth.

“Our brands include IntesisBox and houseinhand, a mobile app for home automation based on KNX standard for controlling lights, heating, and as such,” said Josep Cerón, CEO of Intesis Software. 

In 2012, the Spanish firm also launched a system called IntesisHome for end-users, a cloud-based system for providing remote control of the home via tablets or smartphones.  

“IntesisHome is an out-of-the-box solution, which consists of a Wi-Fi-based adapter that can turn your average air conditioner smarter, with complement to our free software app,” he explained.
 According to Cerón, this Wi-Fi adapter can communicate with every indoor air conditioner or heat pump, regardless of brand or make. The system is available in two options – a universal controller or air-conditioner brand-specific controller that offers direct connection and fully bi-directional communication via Infrared technology (IR), and while hosting Wi-Fi capability to send data to its cloud service.

“As far as I know, since the introduction of our IntesisHome solution in 2012, there are none others like us in the world.”
The company has already sold thousands of these control units to markets in Europe, and has also begun channeling through niche markets in Asia, Australia and the US. “Our universal controller has been the largest revenue-generating device so far,” the CEO noted.

Owing to its decade-long experience, Intesis has built up a strong customer base with big brand AC makers, including Panasonic and Daikin. But despite such strong presence, Cerón said he is looking to further expand the business with telecommunications suppliers and utility companies.

“We are looking for those interested in deploying our smart home solution.”

What’s more, Intesis also developed an open API for third-party companies wishing to integrate their AC-integrated systems.

“As a software and hardware solution provider, we hope to integrate with all cloud systems and whatever companies interested in home automation systems who do not have their own solutions for controlling air conditioning. They can use our device to interact with other systems,” he added.

The smart home & its major players in Spain

According to Cerón, although the home automation market in Spain has grown over the last 10 years, it is now moving at a relatively slow pace. “Prior to the global economic crisis in 2007, the smart home has expanded significantly due to the booming construction market in Spain. We can say that the booming construction sector revived the home automation side.”

Today, that booming scenario remains to be seen. 

Nonetheless, he pointed out that Spanish suppliers and manufacturers in the professional home sector are pretty active in Europe,
citing major players such as Ingenium and Simon, a home automation maker who has made its mark with its Simon Vita moniker.

“Contrary to the US market, DIY smart home systems are rarely offered in Spain. We are more geared towards professionally-installed projects and solutions,” he said.

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