Climax Technology provides ZigBee and Z-Wave solutions with cost efficiency

Climax Technology provides ZigBee and Z-Wave solutions with cost efficiency
Climax Technology, a Taiwan-based leading supplier of security, smart home and telecare solutions, offers two comprehensive series of smart-home accessories based on ZigBee and Z-Wave standards. As a member of both the ZigBee and the Z-Wave Alliances, Climax’s ZigBee and Z-Wave solutions featuring extensive compatibility, flexible installation and field-proven reliability can be easily incorporated into any new or existing ZigBee or Z-Wave networks.

These solutions make it much easier to provide end users with value-added security and smart home services mainly for specific clients, such as telcos, ISPs, MSOs and utility companies.

ZigBee accessories

Most of Climax’s ZigBee accessories adopt the ZigBee Pro HA 1.2 standard, which ensures interoperability with other ZigBee devices. Therefore installers can effortlessly integrate Climax’s ZigBee accessories with the existing ZigBee networks.

The comprehensive range of Climax’s ZigBee accessories includes camera PIR sensors, camera PIR sensors with pet immunity, outdoor camera PIR sensors, power switches, dimmer switches, temperature sensors, roller shutter controls, remote keypads, remote controls, door contacts, motion sensors, pet-immune motion sensors, smoke detectors, water sensors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, sirens, panic buttons, voice satellites, repeaters, relay controllers and DI/DO Modules.

This series of products help to deliver extensive services, such as safety, comfort and convenience for homes and businesses, with lower costs. With the sophisticated wireless communication technology, meticulous manufacturing process and the complete ZigBee product line, Climax can satisfy the multiple needs of various clients and end users.

Z-Wave accessories

Climax’s Z-Wave Accessories can seamlessly work with Z-Wave mesh network and other devices based on the same standard. This product line ranges from security, home automation, lighting control, environmental sensors, energy management to emergency monitoring, and therefore is able to create an overall smarter live for almost every corner at home.

For instance, the door contact model DC-15ZW can detect and report the irregular opening/closing of doors and windows to a security system; the motion detectors IR-16SL ZW and IRP-16SL ZW equipped with advanced ADSP algorithms are able to precisely sense and report suspicious movements to a home automation system; the photoelectric smoke detector SD-8EL ZW is EN 54-7 and EN 14604 certified with a builtin siren; the heat detector HD-9ZW can trigger a siren when the rate of temperature rise is greater than 8.3°C per minute, suitable for rapid fire-prone environments; The water sensor WS-15ZW can detect leaks/floods and generate a siren and LED flashes to prompt a timely response; the AC-powered indoor siren SRAC-23B ZW can generate different siren sounds for burglar, fire, and water alarms; the Z-Wave Dongle can enhance the capability of gateway system by providing integration with Z-Wave sensors, including a thermostat.

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