Feibit provides voice-controllable ZigBee HomeKit and module

Feibit provides voice-controllable ZigBee HomeKit and module
The China-based ZigBee solution provider Feibit Electronic Technology launched HomeKit compatible smart home products supporting voice control.

Established in 2010 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, the company provides ZigBee-based smart home products, IoT solutions and BLE Mesh smart bulbs. The company provides modules and finished products of gateway, light bulb, sensor, door lock, switch and plug. The company’s solutions are provided to the end users through retails or system integrators. Its products are distributed overseas to Europe, United States and Southeast Asia. In 2015, the company shipped over one million modules produced in its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory.

Talking to business models, the company provides hardware products and services to cloud platform and device developers, and turnkey services to ODM customers.
Robin Liu, Marketing Director of Feibit said the lighting segment accounted for the largest portion of the company’s shipment volume; light bulbs, alarm products and smart door locks are projected to be the fast-growing product lines over these two years.

Feibit ZigBee gateway

The HomeKit compatible ZigBee gateway acts as a control center, equipped with standard Ethernet interface. It works with ZLL/ZHA devices, and can be controlled by the mobile app or WeChat.

Feibit ZigBee water leakage sensor

Water leakage becomes one major cause of insurance claim. The company released a ZigBee wireless water sensor to address the need. When flood or water leakage is detected, the device will sends warning message to notify users via the mobile app.

Feibit ZigBee siren

The siren is based on ZigBee HA standard, and works with the security sensors. Once it receives the alarm message from the security sensors or gateway, it will generate the alert sound and visible LED indicator to warn the users. 

Feibit ZigBee PIR motion sensor

This product is an infrared motion sensor based on ZigBee technology, featuring low power consumption. When it detects a movement, it will send messages to users via the mobile APP.

Feibit ZigBee gas detector

The ZigBee gas sensor supports ZigBee HA protocol network. The gas sensor can detect the concentration of the gas in the air. The detector will sound alarms to alert users when it reaches the preset value or dangerous level.

Feibit ZigBee temperature and humidity sensor

The Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor, based on ZigBee Home Automation standard, is equipped with the low power consumption technology. The sensor can detect indoor and outdoor ambient, and send the data to a control center via ZigBee network.

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