The ENTR digital lock turns front door into a smart door

The ENTR digital lock turns front door into a smart door
In a world of smart thermostats and connected fridges, it is archaic to be opening the front door with mechanical key technology that has hardly changed since the 1800s. ENTR is an affordable, sustainable 21st-century solution, with easy installation to put you in total control of door security. The ENTR smart lock is the easiest way to bring your home entrance into the digital age. 

Replacing an existing lock cylinder with an ENTR lock enables you to access your home or office using a smartphone app, keypad PIN, remote control or even via fingerprint. But this increased convenience does not only apply to you. It also benefits those you want to let in, in a smart and flexible way.

With ENTR, there’s no longer any need to cut spare keys for kids, cleaners, carers or temporary workers. It takes a couple of swipes on a phone or tablet screen to share digital keys with family or anyone who needs to access your home or office — and to revoke those keys instantly when required.

Even better, the ENTR locks itself automatically when you exit. Remembering to take your keys with you and worrying whether you locked your door properly become a thing of the past.

It takes just a few minutes for a skilled DIY enthusiast or a professional installer to retrofit an ENTR lock to an existing front door. There’s no wiring or drilling, and no need for cabling. Simply replace the existing cylinder with the new ENTR digital lock, minimizing waste and saving time.
Because ENTR is powered by rechargeable batteries that only require 16 hours’ charging per year over their 5-year lifespan, it’s cheap to run and has a kind environmental footprint. Recyclable packaging and battery, as well as a lock that’s 90% recyclable, further enhance the sustainability credentials.

ENTR adds more than just convenience. The security benefits start as soon as it’s installed. Lock mechanics are based on patented high-security technologies from some of Europe’s most trusted locking brands, which creates a class-leading combination of physical and electronic security.

ENTR works perfectly as an affordable, stand-alone smart door lock, which you unlock via an encrypted Bluetooth connection to the secure companion app for Android and Apple devices. Users can also customize their ENTR installation, adding unlocking via keypad PIN, remote control or fingerprint wall reader, in addition to the app.
Because ENTR is built using standard protocols, it also integrates seamlessly into several leading European smart home and home automation ecosystems, allowing you to control your front door lock from the same interface that operates the thermostat, lighting, smoke alarms or other devices around a smart home. ENTR is sold Europe-wide under multiple trusted locking brands, including Yale, Mul-T-Lock, TESA, KESO, Vachette, NEMEF and FAB.

Thomas Schulz, EMEA Marketing and Communications Director, Digital Access Solutions, at ASSA ABLOY says: “We built ENTR with consumer demands in mind — to give them more control, more security and more convenience. That’s probably why called ENTR ‘the smartest smart lock of the lot.’ We invite everyone to try ENTR, and ensure their smart home starts with a smart door.”

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