Upgrades to Valerus hardware offer higher performance

Upgrades to Valerus hardware offer higher performance
In order to offer a greater spectrum of display and recording performance and provide higher functionality in today’s demanding video management environments, Vicon has upgraded its entire line of Valerus Application Servers, Recording Servers and Client Stations to i7 class processors and increased RAM total to 16GB.


Increasing memory speeds program functionality and allows for more data to be loaded at once (for smoother performance); upgrading the processor boosts performance where data processing is required.

The Valerus hardware must handle demanding media processing workloads such as video color conversion, video encoding, video decoding, video scaling and display, storing video onto the hard disk, video packetization for streaming, as well as running the Valerus software video management GUI as the interface for live video viewing, access control and data storage management. Upgrading server infrastructure improves relative performance, consolidation, management efficiency and reliability.


Performance improvements include a greater display capability of more cameras and increased resolution as well as faster response to highly demanding multi-camera applications. These new configurations are also capable of supporting a mixture of Valerus and Vicon’s new Valerus SmartAnalytics suite, saving on the potential costs of dedicated hardware for each.

This new class of servers will be available in early October. Older i5 class units will be available until inventory runs out that time period.

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