WISeKey ISTANA to secure Chinese connected cars in Q4 2018

WISeKey ISTANA to secure Chinese connected cars in Q4 2018
Swiss cybersecurity and IoT solutions company WISeKey has reported continue strong revenue development of its advanced ISTANA PKI platform specifically tailored to the needs of connected cars. The WISeKey ISTANA PKI platform allows connected cars manufactures to validate the authenticity of different vehicle components. Certificate-based security also protects onboard communication between vehicle components and enables secure over-the-air software updates.

Additionally, authentication certificates can be used by employees, dealers and suppliers to access car components to diagnose mechanical/technical issues and update software, from any location. Finally, the ISTANA PKI platform allows users to securely interact with a car's smart features using smartphones and other devices and secures car connectivity that will allow for new functionalities and features to be offered to drivers and passengers and will support the effectiveness of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

During 2018, WISeKey has been developing its revenue pipeline identifying and developing solutions with several connected cars, industry automation and manufacturing companies and its ISTANA PKI platform is already active in several large-scale projects. Agreements include the integration of WISeKey IoT and PKI with the manufacturer’s connected car solutions allowing them to authenticate legitimate car components and also enable owners to securely interact with the car’s smart features.

The increasing variety of uses case that make ISTANA a leading product in the market include:
  • Provide highly secured sensors using secure elements, storing keys and Istana PKI issued certificates for mutual authentication, data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Enabling strong authentication for mechanics or engineers for diagnosing or flashing electronic control units storing keys on secure elements.
  • Travel calmly and being assured your smart home is accessible only using cyber security services by WISeKey via your car entertainment system.
  • Protect personal data GDPR compliant on devices using secure elements, public key certificates and Root of Trust.
Virtually all new cars on the market today include electronic technologies that could pose vulnerabilities to hacking or privacy intrusions if data security is not addressed.   Embedded WISeKey hardware security in the car protects the identity of each device, prevents unauthorized tampering, and protects the privacy and security of the vast amount of data these devices generate. BI Intelligence expects 94 million connected cars to be sold in 2021 (with 82% to be connected cars), representing a compound annual growth rate of 35% from 21 million connected cars sold in 2016.  

Using ISTANA security connected cars can share car data totally secured and enable real-time emergency calls, immediate information that facilitates rescue services, and road hazard warnings that allow drivers to be informed and respond quickly. When it comes to convenience, car data can reduce breakdown risk/downtime with predictive maintenance, concierge services can make light work of routine tasks and connected infotainment can provide easy to-access entertainment.

Roman Brunner Chief Revenue Officer WISeKey said, “We are encouraged to witness strong interest for ISTANA for the connected car industry now also ranging across all related industry sectors. WISeKey’s integrated sales approach for IoT in particular opens up more opportunities out of our existing client base from semiconductor as well as trust services. Provided as software or a managed service, ISTANA PKI offers a platform that meets the highest standards needed to issue, manage and validate digital credentials for IoT, and is scalable to support environments with hundreds of millions of devices by leveraging WISeKey's RoT strategy.” 

“As cars continue to evolve, essentially becoming motorized computers, they are vulnerable to the very same threats and attacks as home computers, laptops and smartphones. Unless appropriate cybersecurity measures are implemented, hackers can remotely access the vehicle’s computer system, manipulate the brakes, engine, and transmission. Our technology is designed to help verify legitimate car systems, protect the data they create and avoid malicious hacking,” said Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISeKey. 

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