Wisenet thoroughly guards the main international stadium in Russia

Wisenet thoroughly guards the main international stadium in Russia
Global security company Hanwha Techwin has announced the installation of its surveillance cameras at Luzhniki Stadium, one of the largest and main stadium in Russia to help ensure public safety and prevent potential threats.

Luzhniki Stadium is a major sports facility and a part of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex. This national stadium in Russia is also one of the Europe’s largest stadiums with a seating capacity of 81,000.

As part of the complex’s reconstruction, Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet X series were installed at the stadium to create a comprehensive 24-hour surveillance system, which includes stainless IR camera XNV-6080RS and 37x IR PTZ camera XNP-6370RH. They are supercharged by the most advanced Wisenet 5 SoC chipset incorporated into a full camera range, and the cameras boast 150dB WDR technology and motorized varifocal F0.94 low-light lens as these features lead image quality to the next level bringing excellent performance.

First, the XNV-6080RS cameras were installed at the gateway outside the stadium to help eliminate potential safety threats. Earning the certifications of NEMA 4X and IK10 as well as IP66, which is for protecting against water and dust, this model boasts high durability even in outdoor installations, withstanding shocks and other environmental hazards. When a person is detected by its face detection feature during restricted time, it sends an alarm to users for immediate action taking. In addition, its loitering function helps prevent crimes by proactively identifying suspicious movement in monitoring area.

The XNP-6370RH, installed for online monitoring stadium spectators, can even spot objects invisible to the human eye through its 37x optical zoom. This can detect potential threats as well as possible assault and riots in a stadium. The camera is also a part of an airtight 24-hour surveillance system thanks to its use of IR LED to detect subjects at a maximum distance of 350 meters, even in the dark.

Images captured from all the cameras throughout the stadium are sent to a central control room, where security personnel monitors the crowds in and out of stadiums to quickly detect and react to any incident. 

A source from Mosinzhproekt, the largest Russian engineering company in the complex’s reconstruction, said, "After extensive research and comparison of video surveillance solutions, Hanwha Techwin was chosen for its product competitiveness. We were able to select the ideal cameras for use in each of 2,000 locations."

Hanwha Techwin also said that, “International stadium where big matches are held requires the highest levels of security maintenance and vigilance against potential threat,” adding, “The installation of Hanwha Techwin products at Luzhniki Stadium in Russia attests to the global reputation of the company’s knowhow in the industry. We plan on becoming the world's top video surveillance company based on cutting-edge technology and international trust in our brand."

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