TeleEye introduces 360° fisheye camera

TeleEye introduces 360° fisheye camera
TeleEye, the global supplier in video surveillance systems, is pleased to announce the introduction of 360° Fisheye Camera to their extensive camera product line. MP5061E Fisheye Camera adopts 6MP Sony CMOS sensor and features 180° horizontal viewing angle/ 360° round view, providing the continuous monitoring, overseeing security concerns, and managing customer traffic. Fisheye camera also integrates with different professional video management application -- TeleEye GN8 series DVR, sureSIGHT, sureGUARD, and iView HD. Users can monitor their sites in real-time through different platforms, and video will be automatically adjusted to seamlessly fit into any video management platform. Plus, Users can follow objects and actions in 4 regional views through Pan, Tile, & Zoom (PTZ) functionality resulting in a greater freedom of monitoring view.

One fisheye camera vs. four conventional fixed cameras 

Fisheye camera can provide a wide angle instead of four conventional fixed cameras. In other words, Fisheye camera can save installation cost, cabling, and license fee. Even if conventional fixed cameras cannot cover some blind spots, but Fisheye camera can offer 360° surround regional views without missing any corners.

Pan, tile, & zoom (PTZ) functionality without physically manipulation 

Fisheye camera is capable of remote directional and zoom control. Users can remotely control every display and survey any corners in location by PTZ functionality without the need to physically operate a direction of a camera and a position of the lens.

A greater freedom of surveillance 

Compared to four conventional fixed cameras pointed at a specific area at a particular time, Fisheye camera can provide four different angle images (a wide view, three different PTZ views) to simultaneously monitor three corners and a full picture of a room. Plus, users can manually select angles of four pictures through PTZ functionality. Fisheye camera can bring out the improvability of surveillance and a better situational awareness.

No matter real-time or playback mode, PTZ functionality still works

PTZ camera functionality does not only apply for real-time surveillance but also apply in playback mode. With TeleEye’s software or mobile phone app, users can recall any missing images at any time. Even if they miss out the image in real-time, they can play back and use PTZ view to regain important images in playback mode.

Seamlessly integrated with different video management platform

Fisheye camera seamlessly integrates with different significant video management platforms – TeleEye GN8 series DVR, sureSIGHT, sureGUARD and iViewHD. sureSIGHT is an integrated video management platform for IP cameras and DVRs; sureGUARD allows multiple operators to handle a large volume of video alarm events from up to 5000 sites in 24x7 operations; iViewHD is the video surveillance app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users can monitor their sites anywhere at any time through different video management platform.

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