Kastle System equipped a training center with mobile access control

Kastle System equipped a training center with mobile access control

The situation 

KastlePresence is Kastle System’s intuitive Internet of Things (IoT) mobile access control solution and is one of the premier amenities at SixFour3 (SF3), an indoor baseball and softball training facility with fielding, pitching and hitting lanes for individuals or teams. Kastle’s mobile platform allows SF3 members and its network of elite personal trainers to use the Bluetooth technology on their smartphones — instead of physical keys or cards — to easily access the sports complex, offering an experience that goes above and beyond that of other training facilities.

The challenge 

Kastle is an ideal security partner for a facility like SF3 — which has a business model built around self-service and doesn’t have day-to-day employees — because it offers a full suite of managed services including access control, 24x7 monitoring and the safest mobile platform in the world. “Our training facility is unmanned and accessible anytime to our members,” said SF3 partner Sean Sullivan. “The ability to manage, audit and control access is critical to our business.”

The solution 

KastlePresence, which leverages a system of smartphones, access control readers and wireless beacons to be location-aware and is managed by Kastle’s award-winning team, is integral to the SF3 concept. Members (and their personal trainers) reserve practice space or schedule a training session online. Then, at the specified time, they conveniently access the complex using mobile credentials from their smartphone.

Since its initial launch in 2015, KastlePresence has been rolled out to customers ranging from professional services firms to building owners across several major markets in the U.S., including New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and Chicago. Though it has primarily been used as a security solution for the workplace or multifamily properties, this marks the first time the platform has been used in an environment for indoor sports and recreation.

“Our customer service and unique, innovative features are what attract customers,” said Sullivan. “The KastlePresence app provides not only a ‘cool’ factor, but also the peace-of-mind and security that we demand for our members.”

KastlePresence redefines experiences in all types of properties, which is important during a time when avid technology-consuming millennials are becoming the largest segment of the population. The features of the KastlePresence platform include:
  • Doors and other entrances that open with a smartphone, hands-free, without unlocking the device or removing it from a pocket or purse. 
  • A single, mobile credential that can be activated across multiple sites. 
  • A personal safety button providing first responders with exact location within the building. 
  • Messaging center that enables owners and property managers to push notifications directly to everyone’s smartphone. 
  • Background app that is instant, constantly connected, and low maintenance with battery-efficient performance. 
  • Trending and real-time occupancy data for better space and energy optimization. 
  • New mobile capabilities for owners and property managers to call elevators, open doors for a remote location and easily authorize visitors. 
Cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors are making everything in our lives mobile, virtual, automated, and connected — smart. Kastle Systems knows this is just the beginning. As the developer, owner, and operator of the KastlePresence platform, Kastle Systems has been building an Internet of Things operating system for the last several years. Kastle will continue to leverage its rich tradition of customer service and “voice of customer” product development to keep the platform relevant as technologies, expectations, and needs continue to evolve with the rise of the millennial generation. KastlePresence simplifies everyday experiences, while setting the expectation for the industry, IoT, and generations ahead.

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