How reliable is your office security system?

How reliable is your office security system?
Your office security system must guarantee people’s safety, manage risks and fraud, and protect property. That means thinking beyond a basic intrusion system to a comprehensive solution that integrates access control, video management and intelligent video analytics. Because only then will you have security you can trust.

The building blocks for a successful security system should cover your office from every angle. A good starting point is a reliable access control solution. And not just because it will manage who enters your premises. To protect personal data and intellectual property, companies increasingly need to restrict access to certain areas inside buildings, while still accommodating out-of-hours employees.

That’s why you should also consider a sophisticated intruder panel like the Bosch B Series or G Series. It will give you the flexibility to customize how your security system operates. So you can disarm some areas, bypass points and unlock doors for cleaning crews, while keeping server rooms and executive offices out of bounds.

State-of-the-art readers and controllers will ensure only authorized individuals enter restricted areas. But it still pays to have an extra pair of eyes monitoring the situation. By locating video cameras in key locations, indoors and outdoors, you can monitor unauthorized access attempts or track intruders during security events.

Depending on the location, size and nature of your business, your video security requirements could range from basic recording and playback to full alarm functionality. In either case, it pays to consider a management system. The Bosch video management system is an ideal choice because it provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across IP networks. It’s also fully integrated and can be scaled to your needs. You get access to live and recorded video from your cameras, but the biggest advantage is the forensic search capability. So you can save time and locate footage from a specific event in seconds.

If you want to significantly improve security levels, we highly recommend incorporating Bosch video analytics. It will act as the brains of your security system, using metadata to add sense and structure to any video footage that your cameras capture. In effect, each camera in your network becomes smart to the degree that it understands and interprets what it is seeing. For example, it can differentiate between a genuine security threat and a false trigger like snow, rain, and moving tree branches that make video data difficult to interpret. All Bosch IP cameras come with video analytics built in as a standard.

Bosch Security and Safety Systems has developed video analytics in two formats. Essential Video Analytics is ideal for advanced intrusion detection like loitering or identifying a person in a pre-defined field. Intelligent Video Analytics has the unique robustness and capability of going further, analyzing content over large distances such as expansive grounds or to monitor a perimeter fence.

The final piece in your security jigsaw is an intelligent camera. The latest range of Bosch ’i’ cameras have the highest image quality, latest data security measures, and bitrate reduction of <80 percent And with video analytics as standard, they take data usage to a whole new level. To find out more, go to the Bosch website.

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