Axis IP cameras monitor radiation at Moscow subway

Axis IP cameras monitor radiation at Moscow subway


The Moscow subway carries about 8 million passengers on average per day and is one of the biggest and busiest subways in the entire world. The Russian capital has a complex transportation system that includes over 200 stations while some of them along with adjacent sections are located above the ground. Subway is considered a critical IT-infrastructure and requires the most efficient and reliable solutions to ensure safety of passengers and staff, rolling stock operation and security of property.


To further enhance the passenger traffic security at Moscow subway station lobbies were equipped with АКРК-01М multi-functional automated radiation monitoring systems. These systems are used to detect radioactive materials and other hazardous substances carried by passengers entering station as well as to automate the security screening procedure. Over 500 AXIS P3384-V IP cameras are already installed at the stations: this model was recommended by Axis Communications engineers based on site features and missions.


Axis cameras integrated with АКРК-01М native software provide an image of an object when the radiation monitor sends an alarm and also perform the live video surveillance in a specified area. When the radiation monitor sends an alarm signal, the camera spots the suspect object. The resulting video record includes the events captured before, during and after the alarm signal: the time intervals “before” and “after” can be different.

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