Increase productivity and customer satisfaction with an Occupancy Indicator

Increase productivity and customer satisfaction with an Occupancy Indicator
No business manager likes to see people just standing around waiting. An employee waiting on something means lost productivity. A customer waiting around for service means a frustrated customer. Anything a manager can do to reduce waiting time can go directly to the bottom line. 

Everyone has had the experience of walking to a restroom some distance away only to find it occupied. Should you go back to what you were doing and try later? Or should you just wait? How long should you wait? Should you knock and make sure? For the employee, it is frustrating. For the manager, it is time and money lost.

Consider another situation. Shopping for clothes can be frustrating even to those who love to shop. When a customer decides to try something on, they are close to the decision point and the potential for a sale greatly increases. 

But, if they have to then figure out which fitting room is empty, the situation can also become awkward.  Just because the curtain or door is closed, that doesn’t mean it is truly occupied. 
Should you ask if anyone is there? Should you knock? And even if there is an employee to help, often they also have to go knock and check. That takes time and will be awkward for a customer in the fitting room. You know the panic of being inside and having someone knock or even just open the curtain or door without warning. It is embarrassing for both customers. 

When a customer walks away frustrated, you’ve just lost a sale that was potentially close to being complete. Even worse, there is a strong likelihood that they will not come back again meaning the opportunity for future sales is also lost. 

But, what if you and your customers could see if a fitting room was occupied with just a glance at an indicator light?

What if you and your employees could know whether a restroom is free before you walk to the door, just like you can on an airplane? 

And, what if you could do that without a large investment of time or money? 

That’s now possible with a very simple to install system from SECO-LARM.  A monitor inside the room detects actual occupancy using a PIR sensor and light sensor and sends a wireless signal to an LED indicator outside. 

In fact, it can signal an unlimited number of indicators in various places—outside the door, at a reception desk, at various locations around an office, outside the building at a gas pump, etc. 

Because the signal is wireless, installation is easy. There is no need for costly wiring to connect each external indicator LED. 

Systems are available for monitoring one room or two rooms, making it ideal for restrooms or fitting rooms in small businesses. 

Service buttons can also be added to allow a customer to signal for help. If something doesn’t fit right, instead of getting dressed again to go and get a larger size (or more likely giving up because it isn’t worth the hassle), the customer can signal a staff person to ask them to bring another in a different size, color, etc.   

Installing this system results in increased productivity, less frustration, less embarrassment, and happier customers; and happier customers mean more sales. 

A SECO-LARM Occupancy Indication System is one important step you can take to increase productivity and improve the customer experience. This one small investment can produce significant results that go directly to the bottom line. 

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