Surveillance system using Videotec Maximus cameras in Mexican refineries

Surveillance system using Videotec Maximus cameras in Mexican refineries
When overseeing the installation of video surveillance in a refinery, it’s necessary to understand that there are a number of complex issues that must be resolved.

The infrastructure is, generally, very large and presents a series of extremely dangerous environments and processes that must be closely monitored in order to ensure that the numerous manufacturing operations taking place are carried out safely.

One of Videotec’s customers in Mexico has asked for a system that enables them to monitor these complex operations in real time, so that precautionary action can be taken, if necessary. The system has to show the work that PEMEX staff and all suppliers within the processes area are undertaking in order to avoid risky situations and ensure that all jobs are performed in accordance with safety standards.

In addition, the system needs to be able to show various parts of infrastructure, such as instruments, valves, pipes, etc. and detect any malfunctioning production equipment.

In some places, production processes must be monitored as they occur in zones made hazardous by the presence of flammable substances. The customer’s top priority is being certain that the installed cameras themselves are not a possible ignition source for flammable products in the surrounding areas. 

The integrator Rex Enterprise carried out two projects with these characteristics in Mexico: one in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz and the other in Poza Rica, Veracruz.

In Poza Rica, Milestone software manages the system’s 51 devices, including IP cameras for internal monitoring, analog cameras from a previous system and 22 explosion-proof PTZ IP cameras.

Milestone has been chosen due to its ability to integrate a number of alarm systems, analytic systems, etc. in the future, as it wasn’t possible to fund and use the complete system at the time of installation. 

Videotec's explosion-proof PTZ cameras were selected for their unlimited lifespan, with three-year warranty, their corrosion-resistant construction and their conformation with all the applicable standards for explosion-proof devices. 

The integration of Videotec products and Milestone is guaranteed by the ONVIF protocol. 

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