Videotec joins Ameristar Perimeter Security’s Perimeter InSite initiative

Videotec joins Ameristar Perimeter Security’s Perimeter InSite initiative
No single solution can prevent an incident from occurring. However, when a team of experts collaborates to provide a complete solution, there is a high probability for success vs. a single source solution.

Videotec is proud to participate in Perimeter InSite, an Ameristar Perimeter Security initiative, developed to maximize relationships within an alliance of technology partners. Complementary technologies are designed to help detect, assess, listen, see, alert and deny intrusions of critical infrastructure and high value assets.

The initiative has created partnerships with perimeter security industry leaders to offer holistic security solutions to sites with high security needs. Partners include intrusion detection sensors, seismic-acoustic sensors, gunshot detection, assessment cameras, thermal cameras, engineered gates and automation, and perimeter lighting. Perimeter InSite creates single source solutions that incorporate active security components and physical security systems.

Videotec assessment cameras provide the clearest video imaging in the most extreme environments to improve situational awareness, detect abnormal, dangerous situations and accelerate response and decision times.

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