Umbo adds security to Christian church located in Memphis

Umbo adds security to Christian church located in Memphis


The customer is a large Christian church located in Memphis, Tennessee in the United States. With multiple houses of worship across the city, they regularly host hundreds of people throughout the week.


The main campus is very large and regularly hosts families with children. In such a large building, children can easily get lost. Security is in charge of finding these children and returning them to their parents.

In searching for a proper video surveillance solution, Connor Dawkins, working in Security/IT, looked for something that would be easily installable and yet accessible. They had previously bought other brands on the market but did not find them helpful. Dawkins needed something that average security guards — often not as technology savvy as younger generations — would be able to use and navigate without having to deal with a confusing user interface.

Solution and results

The church purchased a dozen Umbo SmartDomes and installed 8 of them throughout the campus mostly in the hallways with the Umbo Flush Mount as well. He held off the rest for a possible future installation elsewhere.

Dawkins found them extremely easy to install — getting a camera mounted and running in literally minutes. An intern was able to do it with a few power tools. The thing that took the longest time to install was the power line and even that did not take too long. Once online, the SmartDomes started streaming automatically.

With the Umbo Computer Vision camera system online and streaming in real-time, the church’s security guards were able to find missing or lost children on the campus with much more efficiency. Security guards were able to navigate the intuitive user interface using just the default settings (no need for confusing navigation within the user settings panel) and without moving through a dozen screens.

Most crucially, having the streams on their mobile phones made locating and tracking children much easier even as they ran from hallway to hallway. More children found, thanks to Umbo Computer Vision.

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