Have you ever played table tennis with your veins? Now you can!

Have you ever played table tennis with your veins? Now you can!
Hungarian biometrics firm, BioSec Group has revealed an innovative marketing tool, something that is quite different from traditional marketing materials – a biometric game for PCs. Called BS Palm Pong, BioSec’s newcomer brings the beloved “Pong” game from the 70’s to a new level, where there are no clicks or keystrokes – the player’s hand becomes the key. 

Nevertheless, the biometric game was not developed to conquer the gaming market, it is rather a fun way to learn more about an innovative technology instead of reading brochures and case studies. And when it comes to biometrics, it can be a lifesaver to find the way to people’s heart, which can be quite challenging due to many myths and misconceptions surrounding the industry. “We know that if it is something different and new, like biometrics, people tend to keep distance. This is why we decided to come up with a playful alternative, which brings people closer to even a next generation technology like ours. And what is better for this than a fun game instead of a boring presentation?” – said BioSec Group CEO, Péter Györgydeák. Whether you agree or not, one thing is sure: BioSec’s Palm Pong game shows the benefits of the technology in the blink of an eye, by letting you experience it yourself – playing table tennis with your veins. What is more, you can feel like a superhero when moving the ball without touching it by simply putting your hand above the “vein scanner”. Basically that is all you have to do both in the game and in real life - hovering your hand above the biometric device and enjoy how fast-, simple to use- and convenient the technology is. 

All in all, even BioSec’s game is not likely to be the PC game of the year, the company has found a great way to show that palm vein recognition is not a futuristic thing anymore. It is truly a present day solution, which makes our lives simple, safer and more convenient – with the wave of the hand.

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