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Dahua smart IoT industrial park brings productivity and quality to a new level

Dahua smart IoT industrial park brings productivity and quality to a new level
To grasp the current manufacturing trends and seize the Zeitgeist of Industry 4.0, a new smart IoT industrial park in Hangzhou has been put to use in June, 2017 by Dahua Technology, a provider in the global video surveillance industry.
To grasp the current manufacturing trends and seize the Zeitgeist of Industry 4.0, a new smart IoT industrial park in Hangzhou has been put to use in June, 2017 by Dahua Technology, a provider in the global video surveillance industry. 

Dahua smart (IoT) industrial park occupies in total 512 acres in Fuyang district of Hangzhou, about 20 minutes’ drive from Dahua headquarters, designed to host 6000 staff (by 2017, 4500 people have been working/living in the 262 acres of phase one area). With topnotch technologies, personnel, materials and other benefits, Dahua’s smart industrial park will bring productivity and quality to a brand new level.

Faster production and adaption

The automatic production solution based on integrated information system not only grants a higher productivity that significantly shortens the delivery cycle time for Dahua customers, but also a greater flexibility to specialized requests and ever-changing reality.

The employment of software such as ERP, PLM, PDM, MES, APS and WMS helps to achieve information integration, which, combined with industrial cameras, RFID sensory technologies and  automation technologies, can integrate personnel, logistics, works, engineering projects and finance from respective sections of production(preparation, assembly, testing, packaging, inspection, shipment), rendering the whole process visible, traceable and digital.

The mounter serves as a good synecdoche to illustrate the incredible efficiency of the whole production system. The concerning high-end devices (including mounter, printer, automated optical inspection equipment, Ersa reflow soldering tools, etc) provided by ASM (originally Siemens) achieve a speed among the fastest in the world. According to IPC standard, X4iS, the latest high-speed mounter can process 125,000 components per hour, or 35 per second. X35 multifunctional mounter can do 54000 components per hour, or 15 per second. A production line in X series can enhance the productivity by 2.7 times while reducing the consumption of energy by 52%, comparing to the original production line in D series under the same conditions.

The faster speed also applies to the development of new molding, since Dahua smart industrial park provides the great benefit of internal synergy, allowing the end-to-end vertical supply chain with marketing, R&D and manufacturing efficiently integrated. The advanced organizing system is supported by topnotch equipment, such as MAKINO high-speed graphite processing machine, GF CNC, GF WEDM-LS machine, Hexagon 3D Nikon projectors and electronic displays. With a processing accuracy of +/-0.002 to +/-0.005MM, while also supporting CAD / CAM / CAE collaborative development and simultaneous manufacturing, these machines enable Dahua to develop new mechanical molding in as short as 7 days.

By far, this developing system has already produced high precision molding for Lechange Robots, monitoring cameras in TP1-TC6 series, G20 intelligent head-gears, smoke alarm for fire detectors, etc., all of which proving the effectiveness of the system in shortening the development cycle and keeping the competitive edge with new products in the business.

Higher quality

Higher quality saves lots of time and economic costs for clients. Even more importantly, higher quality results in less likelihood for products to malfunction especially when they are used in critical, not-allowed-to-go-wrong situations. Dahua’s products are guaranteed with a higher quality for two reasons: first, Dahua has set a high standard of accuracy in production; second, with a reliability lab at the production end, Dahua has put together an effectively closed loop for quality control in the manufacturing process.

Accuracy enhanced

Accuracy has always been one vital index defining the manufacturing ability because it directly sets the limit to quality and range of products to be produced. Again, take the mounter mentioned above for example: it can process components, in metric size, as small as 03015(0.3x0.15mm), with a +-0.025mm SMD precision (within the 3-stigma range), boasting world leading performance and capable of covering basically all types of components used in the industry.

Dahua industrial camera plays an important role in IoT, providing a closed loop for quality control in the manufacturing process, in which all materials, personnel and devices are connected and products are traceable to the specific production line and precise time it got made. Boasting a variety of functions, Dahua industrial cameras are used in different sections of production, enabling automatic assembly, high-precision graphic inspection and product flaw inspection. Through high definition machine vision, Dahua industrial cameras automatically and precisely locate the components, limiting the assembly error to micron level. Equipped with enhanced vision and intelligent analytics algorithm, the industrial camera can spontaneously detect and recognize flaws in the performance and outlook of products, thus promising not only the volume of cameras production but also the steady quality of each and every one of them.

Reliability reinforced

Reliability must be put to test, in R&D as well as in manufacturing process. The reliability lab at the production end serves to assure quality by randomly taking products from production lines and put them into reliability tests simulating falling, high/low temperature, worn-out conditions, which are conducted by industry leading testing equipment in the lab. Thus what’s conceived in R&D is confirmed from the production line, the synergy of both ends promising better products (for common use or specialized needs). This lab is also responsible for testing all the raw materials. Thanks to the aforementioned information integration, all tests are automatically conducted, recorded and traceable.

In conclusion, Dahua smart (IoT) industrial park is endowed with the latest and world leading manufacturing equipment/system boasting high level automation and intelligence, which is essential to satisfy the ever higher demands from clients in terms of delivery time, specialized use and quality. There is still great potential to this new smart industrial park. It is literally only in its phase one. And in the future phase, it is expected to be more intelligent, to realize client-centered flexible production and to enable a safer society and smarter living.
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