Qognify provides safe city solutions at Navi Mumbai

Qognify provides safe city solutions at Navi Mumbai


Navi Mumbai is a planned township established to handle the population overflow from the overcrowded and ever-growing city of Mumbai. The new city experienced fast growth of its own, with population currently exceeding 1 million, and has its own airport and major transportation hubs. CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation), is the agency established for developing and managing the new city. It carried the big task of planning Navi Mumbai in an area previously covering almost 100 villages, deploying modern technology and planning without consideration of legacy infrastructure. 

The challenge 

Navi Mumbai wanted to ensure the safety and security of its citizens and fully leverage the opportunity to design a ground-up solution that would enable this and support efficient city operations. This would require a very robust and centralized solution that could handle everything from monitoring traffic and key utility infrastructure and through to emergency response for catastrophic events. And as a growing and continuously developing township, the solution needed to be able to significantly scale without disruption. 

The solution 

At Navi Mumbai’s central command center, the Qognify Safe City solution provides a unified, operational view of the city by integrating all the components of the solution, including third-party systems and sensors. The solution monitors every entry and exit point of the city, toll points, traffic junctions, accident prone road sections, subway and railway stations, schools, key residential areas, open markets, and critical utility infrastructure areas such as electrical substations and the main water supply lines and more. 

Qognify’s video management solution provides high quality video feeds and smart integration with video analytics solutions that enable the immediate detection and extraction of security and safety incidents from surveillance cameras throughout the city. This integration enables the triggering of real-time, automatic alerts of incidents in Situator, that in turn, generates the appropriate operating procedure and response plan for the operators to act upon. The solution also provides advanced collaboration capabilities for field personnel who are able to send real time images as well as videos to the control room with the type of the incident at hand and the GIS coordinates of the field respondents. 

The impact 

  • The ability to monitor, detect, respond and manage both daily and emergency events effectively mitigates risk and enhances overall safety, security and operations. 
  • Maintain law and order – by supporting police and authorities via proactive identification and verification of unfolding situations and by providing automated and evolving guidance to effectively manage events. 
  • Enhanced investigation – through concrete video evidence and other tools that help attain faster turnaround time for crime resolution and proper investigation. 
  • Improve traffic management – monitoring of known traffic hot spots, allowing police to take mitigating action.
  • Deterring, detecting and dealing with criminal activities – Qognify’s powerful video surveillance serves as a firstline deterrent and detection solution. While the solution’s situation management capabilities enable law enforcement to respond and investigate much quicker and more effectively. 
  • Monitor critical infrastructure – CIDCO – the managing body for Navi Mumbai – selected vital installations and public places for 24/7/365 monitoring.

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