ISS and Agent Vi integration update

ISS and Agent Vi integration update
Agent Vi’s video analytics solutions are seamlessly integrated with SecurO, the ISS video recording and management platform. This integration enables SecurOS to receive, display and manage real-time events as well as archive video for forensic analysis and business intelligence purposes.

savVi is Agent Vi’s unified video analytics software solution that offers a wide variety of analytics functionalities through a single, easy to use platform that integrates with existing or new surveillance systems. Featuring real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence applications, savVi provides a complete solution to the diverse video analytics requirements of multiple vertical markets.

savVi boasts a set of advanced, automated video analysis tools that provide for the immediate detection and extraction of events and valuable data from surveillance footage, replacing the manual and time-consuming tasks traditionally employed to monitor live video feeds or sift through recorded video. By employing savVi, users can make optimal use of their surveillance systems and allocate their time and attention in a more effective manner, thus increasing the return on investment in the surveillance system, as well as improving overall security, safety and business operations.

savVi enhances the use of surveillance systems by providing:

  • Automated real-time detections and alerts – Events of interest are automatically detected through real-time analysis of multiple video sources;
  • Instantaneous video search – Masses of recorded video can be queried and events of interest may be located and extracted within seconds;
  • Comprehensive business intelligence – Statistical information regarding traffic volumes, traffic trends and motion patterns can be automatically generated from surveillance video.

savVi is fully integrated with SecurOS, ISS’ video recording and management platform, allowing the full range of savVi’s capabilities on every camera connected to the surveillance system through ISS SecurOS. Additionally, there is a deep integration with the SecurOS Client, which displays real-time detections and alerts, and enables full event management through the Client. This includes event notification, simplified viewing interface and associated video archive. The user has real-time access to the snapshot corresponding to the savVi event (with object highlighting), access to the whole recorded video sequence, as well as live video from the associated camera. 

Solution Deployment: Optimized Offering & Flexible Offering

savVi can be deployed in two setups – Optimized and Flexible.

Optimized Offering

The Optimized Offering utilizes Agent Vi’s distributed architecture which splits the video processing between a compatible camera or encoder and Vi-Server (Agent Vi’s central server), achieving high performance with minimal dedicated hardware and bandwidth requirements. This unique architecture capitalizes on the advantages of both edge-based analytics and server-based central management, enabling up to 200 cameras running the full suite of analytics capabilities on a typical server.

Flexible Offering

Agent Vi has developed a Flexible Offering that can analyze most cameras being recorded by ISS SecurOS™. In this solution, a server component called Vi-Agent Proxy (VAP) pulls video directly from the SecurOS platform, decodes the video and analyzes it.

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