Axis network cameras enable a farmer monitor his fields in Argentina

Axis network cameras enable a farmer monitor his fields in Argentina


The Sensini family owns property in the countryside around the area of Villarino, Buenos Aires. Although the family resides in a distant village, it needs to be able to monitor its fields — named ”Springtime” and ”Sacrifice” — that span an area of almost 6700 acres that are located at a distance of over 65 miles from each other in a straight line. However, distance is not the family’s only challenging condition: forest area also obstructs radio communications, and power is not available.


AXIS Q6055-E Network Cameras were installed in the fields, and to allow for their transmission solar panels coupled with a battery storage pack were mounted to an almost 200-foot high tower — along with a power converter to run a 5.8 GHz radio transmitter in addition to an AXIS P5655-E Network Camera. The monitoring center at the family’s residence is able to mount to a PC server using AXIS Camera Station software for image playback and storage. As a result, the users are able to view excellent quality images of both fields in real time over a Smart TV — from the comfort of their own home.


With the integration of Axis camera and software technology, the family is able to oversee their animals on their properties, count them, notice if any are sick and even see how much water they have in their troughs. Most of all, the installation helps by saving Alberto Sensini time with the ability to oversee two fields at once, and on a daily basis. Additionally, with the aid of auxiliary lighting he is able to view imagery during the evening. And all of this can be seen live — in full HD — on a Smart TV.

Simplified management

Sensini’s fields are located in the municipal district of Villarino, situated to the southwest of the Province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Among the main economic contributors to this region are horticulture and beekeeping, cattle breeding and animal raising.

Local producers place an emphasis on the need to incorporate video surveillance technologies that allow for continuous, real-time oversight of the work taking place on their properties.

In user Alberto Sensini’s case, the project objective was to provide a monitoring solution that delivered high-quality images of his two properties for oversight purposes. Using AXIS P5655-E with its 32x zoom and Zipstream technology, he is able to monitor his 2200- acre field from his home located 21 miles from this closest field.

The monitoring center utilizes AXIS Camera Station software to view and store images. This same software is used in over 50,000 installations worldwide.

An AXIS Q6055-E Network Camera was placed at the most distant property, enabling the user to see both properties in real time on his Smart TV. The process is simplified through the use of AXIS Camera Station software that provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface ensuring that anyone can effectively manage incidents and rapidly export any findings — in high definition.

The entire project architecture was handled by technician Marcos Herrera, who has years of experience with Axis dome cameras. Herrera was in charge of the project’s complete development, including installation.

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