ADT helps save grandma and guinea pig from Connecticut house fire

ADT helps save grandma and guinea pig from Connecticut house fire
ADT, a provider of security and automation solutions for homes and businesses, celebrated one of its LifeSaver events in Waterford, CT where Grace Rogers was reunited with rescuers who helped save her and the family’s pet guinea pig from a potentially deadly house fire.

It happened late evening on October 6 when Rogers was home alone and dozing on the couch. The 74-year-old was startled as lights and sirens from the home’s security system suddenly filled the home, causing her to panic.

“I blanked out and didn’t even think to call 911. And since I was visiting from out-of-town, I didn’t know the name of the fire department,” Rogers said. “While it’s hard for me to walk, I did make it to the basement stairs and could smell smoke.”

Thankfully, ADT had already received the smoke detector signal at its Texas monitoring center and called the local fire department. When firefighters arrived, Rogers was already safely outside. She had also given instructions on where to find the guinea pig so it could be rescued.

The quick response saved two lives and prevented the house and its irreplaceable contents from being destroyed.

To celebrate the successful outcome, Amelia Pulliam, ADT’s Chief Human Resources Officer presented LifeSaver Awards to four ADT employees whose jobs contributed to the save. Included were ADT Dispatchers Sandra Johnson and Tonya Wilson who flew 1,700 miles from ADT’s Customer Care Center in Irving, TX to meet Rogers for the first time.

“It was a team effort to ensure no lives nor property were lost,” said Johnson who has worked at ADT for three years. “Meeting Ms. Rogers today was the highlight of my career so far.”

Pulliam also awarded $5,000 to Goshen Fire Department which urged people to be extra diligent about fire safety during the holiday season.

“Home fires peak this time of year from space heaters, fireplaces, lit candles and food left cooking on the stove,” said Fire Chief Todd Patton. “Let’s be fire safe this year.”

The National Fire Protection Association reports someone dies from a residential fire every 169 minutes. Monitored smoke detectors can help prevent these tragedies.

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