Netavis ensures smooth operations for Beach Volleyball World Championship

Netavis ensures smooth operations for Beach Volleyball World Championship
NETAVIS Software guaranteed the smooth operations for the Beach Volleyball WM 2017 by means of IP video surveillance, 3D video analytics and intuitive visitor frequency statistics in sMart Data Warehouse.


In 2017, the 11th Beach Volleyball World Championship of the International Volleyball Federation took place in Vienna. As the second most important tournament in this discipline, right after the Olympic Games, the athletic highlight drew in visitors from all over the world, transforming Vienna into the world capital of beach volleyball for the 10 days of competition. The venue of the tournament was a 16.000 m2 area on the Vienna Danube Island, with a stadium for about 10.000 spectators at its center. 

In order to ensure the security during the event it was crucial to comply with predefined visitor limits for the Center Court as well as the overall area. Classical IP-based video surveillance combined with reliable video analytics should manage the streams of visitors and ensure that the visitor limits are not exceeded. Furthermore, the gained visitor frequency data should be documented for future events. 


NETAVIS Software fulfilled all these requirements with just one integral platform: the NETAVIS Platform for Security and Business. The powerful video management software NETAVIS Observer covered the classical video surveillance with 13 IP cameras. Thanks to its elaborate live monitoring capabilities, the security officers were easily able to follow the course of the event in the control center, and quickly react in case of any anomalies. 

At the same time, 13 3D sensors counted the visitors at the entries and exits of the Center Court and of the overall area, providing an accuracy of over 98%. NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse offered a clear overview of the visitor frequencies in the Center Court as well as the event location in a specifically customized dashboard. By displaying the counting points directly on the location plan, the operators could easily keep track of the visitor streams. For the best overall picture, an intuitive diagram furthermore visualized the course of the day. The visitor streams were managed by an integrated NETAVIS application that sent an alarm to the control center whenever visitor limits were exceeded. The security staff was then able to decide according to the situation if an area had to be closed or not. 


By combining video management and video analytics, the security for the 180.000 visitors of this high-class event was optimally assured. The NETAVIS Platform for Security and Business not only facilitated the easy compliance with the legal visitor limits, the organizers furthermore had an intuitive overview of the visitor frequencies at the different areas of the competition site at all times. Moreover, the collected information is now available to facilitate the planning of further events.

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