Arecont Vision partners with PlateSmart for automatic license plate recognition

Arecont Vision partners with PlateSmart for automatic license plate recognition
Arecont Vision, the industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology, announced that PlateSmart has joined the Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program.  PlateSmart is the leading provider of Automatic Vehicle Recognition (AVR) solutions, based on ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) technology, and Arecont Vision megapixel cameras are now integration-tested with PlateSmart’s ARES software solution. 

“PlateSmart is excited to be part of the Arecont Vision ecosystem,” said PlateSmart CEO, John Chigos. “Using the high image quality Arecont Vision megapixel cameras allows our ALPR-based software to analyze a larger field of view, and still accurately capture the license plate, state jurisdiction, and vehicle make to further enhance the user experience.”

The latest version of the PlateSmart open-architecture ARES platform extracts more data from video images than any other ALPR solution on the market today. ARES Insights offers business intelligence with a data analytics reporting center that uses vehicle identification information to produce real-world, on demand, and actionable intelligence. It is the first true application providing situational awareness and is powered by artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. Together, Arecont Vision’s best-in-class megapixel cameras and PlateSmart’s award-winning software technology revolutionize video surveillance security solutions.

“Having our cameras validated with the PlateSmart ALPR-based software provides a superior solution to our joint customers”, said Jeff Whitney, Vice Presidet, Marketing, Arecont Vision.  “PlateSmart is integrated with many industry-leading video management software (VMS) platforms that are already Arecont Vision MegaLab™ certified.  Customers can use our joint solution with the best-of-breed VMS of their choice, instead of being locked into an ALPR system with the limits of proprietary VMS software & cameras.”

Arecont Vision offers the most comprehensive selection of Made-in-USA single and multi-sensor megapixel cameras in the industry. All Arecont Vision cameras feature the in-house developed Massively Parallel Image Processing (MPIP) architecture that enables the new features and capabilities to be added as they become available. The architecture also provides superior cybersecurity, preventing the camera from being repurposed for use in cyberattacks on other network devices or for other malicious tasks.

Through the Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program, sales, development, and support contacts are established between the two companies to better engage with end user customers and systems. Arecont Vision cameras are in the PlateSmart test lab, while the PlateSmart ARES software is in the MegaLab test and certification facility.

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