Global hotel chain turns to Milestone surveillance solutions to enhance security

Global hotel chain turns to Milestone surveillance solutions to enhance security

The challenge

Shen Milsom & Wilke (SM&W), an international consulting firm specializing in establishing security programs, was seeking an effective visitor management security solution on behalf of a leading hotel chain. With a constant flow of high-profile celebrities, politicians and tourists, ensuring guest comfort and utmost safety on their premises is a constant challenge. 

With hundreds of properties worldwide, expansion and construction of new hotel locations globally requires planning for a scalable security system that can align with growing requirements over time, incorporating the latest innovative technology that exceeds security standards.

The solution 

After a comprehensive security needs analysis, SM&W recommended an integrated security and risk management system, complemented by centralized support and training. Milestone XProtect IP video management software (VMS) was selected as it is based on an open platform solution that is reliable. Integration and the ability to efficiently network current and future camera installations were also key consider¬ations in helping to enhance security premises, while keeping hotel staff and guests safe. 

The advantages 

The scalability, flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the IP-based Milestone video management system have brought significant benefits to the customer. Additional features such as layered, interactive mapping and shared access to cameras with multiple users have helped enhance security. The hotel chain also has a future-proof platform that is scalable for new hotel locations whilst allowing integration with new innovations in security as they become available.

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