Cisternino Municipality relies on Axis cameras to combat vehicles breaking the Highway Code

Cisternino Municipality relies on Axis cameras to combat vehicles breaking the Highway Code


To safeguard the road safety of its citizens, the Municipal Administration of Cisternino (BR) decided to combat situations of vehicles being driven without insurance or not in observance of the rules of the Highway Code. To achieve this objective, the progressive smart city of Cisternino decided to employ a computer system and the best technologies in the field of video surveillance.


The Talos software, designed by Bitsolution, an Axis technology partner, is capable of providing local police with a mobile computer system that, through the use of Axis cameras, such as AXIS Q1765-LE PT Mount, reads the license plates of passing vehicles and checks if they are insured. The innovative system sends information to the tablets or smartphones provided to the patrols, enabling them to promptly stop offending vehicles. The software does not require type-approval or ministerial certification, as notification is carried out directly by the local police.


The adopted solution offers a fundamental tool for countering drivers breaking the law on the one hand and for protecting them from the menace of illegal vehicles in circulation on the other. In addition, it brings significant benefits to the townsfolk, as it transmits a positive image of local government and contributes to increasing the municipal fund for road infrastructure development and maintenance.

Axis cameras and Talos software serving the safety of Cisternino drivers

Once again, the Municipal Administration of Cisternino, a progressive smart city in the Brindisi area and an important tourist center of the Puglia Region, has chosen to rely on the quality and innovation of Axis Communications, the world leader in network video cameras, for monitoring and identifying vehicles in circulation that are uninsured or break the rules of the Highway Code.

With support from Bitsolution, a certified Axis ADP partner, the cameras best suited for this purpose, such as AXIS Q1765-LE PT Mount, were installed. Compact, versatile and very easy to install, this bullet-style network camera is provided with 18x optical zoom and autofocus, HDTV 1080p resolution and four autoadjusting LEDs that are very power efficient due to Axis’ OptimizedIR technology, which offers integrate IR for optimal day and night surveillance. It is used with a pan-tilt motor to cover large distances, offering wide panoramas as well as detailed images for identification purposes, a particularly useful function for easily identifying transgressing motorists.

The Talos computer system is capable of checking not only the insurance cover of vehicles in circulation and the validity of their roadworthiness certificate, but also cases of vehicle theft or judicial immobilization. Each patrol is provided with a kit including Talos software, an Axis camera and a tablet. With an AXIS Q1765-LE PT Mount Network Camera, the system enables capturing the passage of cars at speeds above 120Km/h (75 mph). For each vehicle captured by the camera, the system reads and checks its license plate and, in the event of irregularities, sends a notification to the app installed on a smartphone given to the patrol positioned further along the road from the checkpoint.

The high speed of irregularity notification (1-3 seconds) gives the local police patrol sufficient time to stop the vehicle. Furthermore, the system uses cloud databases of the Department of Motor Vehicles databanks, which can be queried free of charge.

The application can be used in three different modes: by the side of the road with a fixed camera on a tripod, on board a patrol car via a tablet with a 3G link, or with cameras already existing or to be installed in some point of the city area.

The mobile solution is particularly appreciated, as confirmed by Cisternino local police chief Antonio Modugno: “Thanks to the high quality and practicality of use of the Axis cameras, we are able to identify transgressors without any room for error. The availability of a ready-to-use kit aided the choice of this technology, with which we have been able to combat these offenses”.

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