Nexus opens development center in Prague

Nexus opens development center in Prague
Identity and security company Nexus Group opens a new development center in Prague, Czech Republic. “We have hired developers extremely experienced in RFID and public key infrastructure (PKI), who will work on two of Nexus’s core products,” says Lars Pettersson, CEO of Nexus. 

The Prague development team will be working on the desktop software Nexus Personal Desktop and the mobile app Nexus Personal Mobile.

Necessary to continuously upgrade

“These products provide our customers’ users with intuitive two-factor authentication (2FA) and digital signing straight from their desktops and mobile phones. It is necessary for us to continuously upgrade and invest in these products, since they are critical to our position as a leading end-to-end provider of identity and security solutions for physical and digital access,” says Pettersson.
Personal Mobile and Personal Desktop are parts of Nexus’s flagship solution, Nexus Smart ID.

Planning to hire more people

“The Prague team strengthens our PKI and RFID competence even more, which is key for our strategy of creating solutions that truly merge physical and digital access,” says Pettersson.

The Prague office will be growing with a few more people in the near future.
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