Genetec building safer cities through public-private partnerships

Genetec building safer cities through public-private partnerships
"Resilience is a cornerstone of any successful and thriving city. The ability to get back to normal as quickly as possible following an incident, unplanned event, or emergency, makes citizens feel safe and allows both public and private entities to resume their regular operations. Only through close collaboration between Police Departments, city officials, and businesses can communities build the strategies necessary for keeping citizens safe and creating the right conditions for true resiliency,” said Andrew Elvish, VP at Genetec.

Because urban spaces are complex, a city's resilience is dependent on the successful connection and communication between many organizations and stakeholders. However, for a variety of reasons, police chiefs, city planners, businesses and elected officials often work in silos, which can ultimately lead to breakdowns in communication and result in missed opportunities and lapses in city security.

The role of technology

Technology plays a fundamental role in ensuring effective collaboration. To this effect, Genetec, a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, is introducing Genetec Community Connect, an initiative designed to help build ties between a city's public and private sector and encourage community-driven solutions that enhance public safety and livability. Built on a foundation of technology that reinforces community policing, Community Connect allows members of a community to participate and work towards common goals such as public safety, economic growth and operational efficiency.

Businesses who participate in a city's Community Connect program are equipped with video surveillance technology and HD security cameras that allow them to view live and recorded security video of their stores from their laptop, tablet or smartphone 24/7. They can also be directly connected to the police department, and selectively share their security video stream when they need to.

High-quality, detailed video not only provides timely information to responding officers but also simplifies the ensuing investigation. Rather than having to wait several hours to transfer or grant access to video, business owners will be able to quickly share a suspect's image with officers close to the scene of a crime, helping expedite the search, investigation, and resolution of the incident. The benefits of this partnership extend beyond public safety. Elected officials can increase safety without increasing taxes, and citizens and businesses can play an active role in the safety of their communities and build closer connections with local police departments.

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